Monday, January 17, 2011

Dresser Up!

I've had a spark of crafty inspiration recently. Soooo I started like 6 craft projects at one time. And I've just finished 2 of them. The first was a dresser I bought off E-Bizzy {ebay o'course} and I repainted it to match our room!
The dresser in original form...

Pretty much complete {minus the white vinyl detailing I'm gonna add}...


After. The pink items are part of another craft project in the works {!}

Now I'm pouting because I want my mom and sisters to be here to help me with the others. Hirumph.


  1. turned out SOOOOO CUTE! are you doing pink in your room now?

  2. no im not. Just have that stuff in there for a pop of color until I decide to finish those projects! come craft with me....plllleeeease!


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