Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy BDay to the Man O' The House!

My husb is 26! Chris and his Brother Dan are the same age for 2 weeks {which I think is just rully cool}.

I love celebratin'. So we partied all day. And by 'partied' I mean: chocolate milk toast at midnight to start the day off right, breakfast in bed {i finally accepted the fact that I am an awf breakfast food maker. just awf!}, opened presents after work, then had a FIESTA at our place with his work friends {& my friends Mel and Braxie ;)}. And my version of the term 'Fiesta' comes complete with Squirt margaritas, a taco bar, non-hispanic music, non-hispanic games and chocolate kit kat and PB chips cake! Of course, all the guys turned the night into "The Pacific" watching party. But hey...its a guy thing. Had to be a fun night for Chris.

PLUS at the end of the night after everyone left I got to surprise C with a lil "Chris words guessing game". Which included tons of "Chris Words" {words that people think of when they think of him} attached to lil gifts that represent the words. Cheesy? I think so & I ♥ it!

Everyone of our family members gave me two words and I seriously teared up receiving the words one by one while I was preparing the game. Some were funny, some sweet, some were just "so chris" and it made me really proud to be married to this guy.

He had to guess who said what words in order to open the present attached. And with his competitive nature it was really funny to watch him stress out about guessing correctly. But it was so much fun sitting there, the four of us {me, chris, Maddog {a.k.a Anthony who is Chris' college roommate that is living with us for a lil while. who we love having here btw.} and Hoosh} watching Chris read all these words about him that the people that know him best came up with. I live for moments like that. Well, those and the moments when he's dancing to songs in the background of commercials ;)

Example: One word was "protective" and this was the gift attached. Hahaha! Lil WWE thumb war fighters. And another word was "friend" and thats the friendship bracelet he's rockin :
Some more pics from the day. So mad at myself for not getting any good "fiesta" ones. But he's pretty studly in these ones...
Birthday boy in his morning glory! adore this pic.

Kit Kat Cake! He requested Chocolate with Chocolate. So I made 2 layers double chocolate with kit kats holding it together.

26 & 24 pic.

So Happy 26th to the man of the house! We didn't wanna stop celebrating so he's ditching his lil work trip this weekend so we can go on a birthday date to try out another new food place we found. Yes! I love marriage.

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  1. I seriously teared up reading this... I love that guy for you! We're glad you're in the family, wish I was there to celebrate with you!


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