Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kickoff to C-Mas

We are lucky duckies. we had 3 Christmases. Obvi only 1 REEEAL Christmas day...and that was in Marysville. But we had 3 celebrations. We started with our own lil Christmas here at our home before we took off on our Washington Christmas trip.

I made a roast beast and the rest of the makings for a feast. I sent the boys to the park for a Daddy Doggy walk and filled our stockings. 'Twas a perfect night. Chris gave us a Christmas devotional and we snuggled up to watch ELF {prob gonna be a Christmas traddy in our house} with cookies and hot choc. And we got to open all the gifts that had congregated under our tree from each other and our loved ones! I ♥ my family.

{so posed. had to get a shot of the Santa apron}
{out of everything in there I think the edible stuff is always babe's favorite}
{ I understand why he thinks he's a human!}

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