Thursday, January 20, 2011

say what.

I like to answer questions about myself. Because myself is my favorite subject. & I like when people judge me. Ok the for real reason is because I have about 1.5 hours during the day at work when the kids sleep and I just clean up legos then check blogs and shop online.

So...I just discovered this Q&A thingmajig from a Cyberfriend's blog {can't believe I just used the word cyber but i feel good bout it} and it's just really entertaining to me. So now I have one of these Question Corners {just to the left there <---} and I am publicly announcing it so someone will ask me questions so I can talk about myself and cut down on my lego playing I time. So...feel free to ask as ya may. And if no one asks me questions then I am quiting my job and tattooing an "L" to my forehead. Because I can only take so much free time for cryin out loud {laugh laugh laugh}. The other day I got so desperate that I turned on Bridalplasty. BRIDALPLASTY! and it made me think less of myself for being a viewer. But I am a pretty interesting person once you get past the guarded and sarcastic personality. And everyone else get this question thing and I will ask you ridic questions. loves it.

and ps. Apparently it's all if you have something you've wanted to say to me without me knowing it's would be the time. muahaha.

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