Sunday, January 2, 2011

Twenty Eleven!

I'm lovin the fact that our holiday season doesn't end with Christmas. because that would just be depressing. annnd we like to keep the party going. We have our anniversary right after Christmas then New Year's then Chris' birthday then 3 of our sibling's bithday {which we will celebrate even though we're not with them}. & that's all within a month of Christmas! party on.

So henny-vay, I tote can NOT believe it is 2011 right now. Seems like just yesterday we were all freakin out because it was almost the year 2000 and all electricity everywhere was going to suddenly not exist or something weird and made up out of nowhere. I probably did about half of my 2010 to do list last year. This year I have some serious TO DO's that I am completely commited to doing NMW! Including {but not at all limited to} training for a HALF marathon, move into a house, start my new career, travel to New York. The list is long.

So to celebrate the brand spankin new year we were so excited that the newlyweds, Dad and Lisa, decided to drive down to these parts for a quick trip! & Our superfun cousins Lolo and Sum put on a rad NYE party and we partied the night away with tons of food, games, toasts and fireworks! Welcome to our lives 2011...can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Seriously, be good to us.

{Getting ready to ring in the New Year}

{This is how excited I am for 2011}

{And apparently this is husband's excited face...and his Mormon party drink}

{ We ♥ our first visitors of 2011! Had fun...tanks for coming Mr. & Mrs. Conner}

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