Friday, February 25, 2011

feb is almost over!

I had just a fantab day ta-day. Which was a needed breath of fresh air after the crappy week I've had. It was just the type of week that makes you plan countless vacations in your head...because you need one. so....TODAY: I didn't have to work{yesss}. Got my hilights touched up AND got $25 off thanks to my first Groupon purchase {guess i'm a group-ie now. haha}. Hit up the most amazing Super Target I have ever entered in my entire 24 years and 342 days {my bday is in 23 days thats how i know the exacts}. Bought a bunch of adorbo springy things for my niece {lil Louie}. Bought a jump rope and Cadbury Mini eggs because I wanted to {contradiction?}. Got to make lunch for Chris and Antho because they stopped in for a break during work {nice lil surprise}. Went out to din with my husband to the Spicy Pickle {just for the sil name...& it really was frickin Spice!}. And got Chris to turn off espn to play dominos with me!!! Because we're wild like that on Friday nights. And those are just the good things in the day. sometimes all i need is a simple day to do what i want.

Hooshie had a good day too. He got to take 2 poos. Plus he got a special gift from mama's trip to Target. this thingy makes me laugh. humans. 'Don't mind the humans". I have always liked referring to people as humans. like i'm an animal...or a vampire.

Then he got to play dominos with his favorite humans. Don't mind me with my half-an-eye and joe dirt hair....
Here is he focusing hard on which to play. hahahaha! love this pic. He picked the winning hand btw....
Merry weekend peeps.

Friday, February 18, 2011


I just rully like how Chris is gettin so solid at the husband thing. we had a fab VDay of love thanks to him. usually I am the celebratory sally. but he took over this holiday. just call him harold holiday....if you will. I dont wanna get into too much detail...because I feel like I'd be braggin. But...i will say...the boy made a lovely homecooked breakfast...planned a scavenger hunt around our place with cutesie love notes and thoughtful gifts... a romantic night out to dinner...and dessert and a movie snuggled in bed. it was just adorb. i loved it. I love my Chris and my hoosher. i love my family. i love my friends. and I love holidays. thank you love you bye.

{happy VDay from the hoosh monster}

{going out to dine on italian.}

{heart shaped Strawberry Pizza...made by moi. & seriously delish {if i do say so myself}}

{oh ello heart strawbs, fruit dip sauce and sugar cookie crust}

{sippin on some love in a wine glass}

Thursday, February 17, 2011

our second marriage

we got married again! except we didn't and we just feel like we did. these two awesome photographer girls we know are starting a wedding photog business and asked the husb and I to be their wedding models. so we got all spiffed up and recreated our wedding day looks for the shoot. it was ha-lot of fun. we shot at an awesome castle with beautiful picture perfect spots, a ballroom, fountains & a huge wide field outside. 'twas truly blissful.

three things I would change if I could rewind 2 years and make any changes to our wedding day. 1. our photographer. i was not so happy with our pictures. and I mean... really...those are some important memories to capture. 2. My hair & looked fine when it was done but it didn't turn out in the pics. i was frizzy and ghostlike 3. our first dance. we didn't have one.

doing this shoot we got to have our wedding pics retaken. & I can't wait to print out the beautiful shots they got! I also got my hair and makeup done and I loved it in person and in the photos. & while takin pictures we danced in the gorgeous ballroom to the cute lovesongs playing. with just us and the fun photogs. that totally counts.

I don't have pictures to share from the shoot because...well...they are for their business. But I will say that I have seen some and they are positively beautiful. Jackie and Yadira are so talented. we are so happy to have had that opportunity!!!

I should've taken some pics while we were in our formal flocks but I didn't. all I got are the ones after we got home..stuffed ourselves with panda express and QT... and passed out. apparently posing takes a lot out of ya.

{my fancy face and head...and my ultimate comfie outfit}

{he was very annoyed that I was trying to take pictures after we JUST got done with hours of picture taking. he'll thank me later}

{I love this pic for one intriguing COUTURE woman hanging in my bathroom to the left. I'm obsessed with that pic. and it feels like she's posing for this pic with me. and its so rand that its almost freaky. and I just took 22 bobbies out of my hair. that's a record.}

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

weekly funnies

Was last week just a really funny week for everyone? Or was it just a completely normal/average week but I was extremely busy and sleep deprived so everything was just funny to me? Or do i just have funny people around me? why am I trying to figure it out. Either way... I loved it.

The following three instances occurred last week. The dog provided me with no was all my sil husnand. Each leaving me in a fit of giggs. I decided to blog these random diddies so when we're 101 and have alzheimers we will have these to read and remember when we were young and stupid. {anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy? The alz thing is freakin me out...}

{one}. one completely average night we were nestled into our bed. I think it was like midnight. I was about halfway between wide awake and dreamland and C was sitting up watching TV{as usual} when I was snapped into cruel consciousness by a ripple sound and the obvious "500 times less than pleasant" smell that followed. seriously the bed? i take a peek at his face to confirm that he was aware of what just happened {since he usually tries to act oblivious & I can tell from just one look if that's the card he's gonna try to play}. I give the most annoyed look i can come up with mid sleepiness and roll over grumbling " know I can't stand nast stenches...the bathroom is 5 feet from will rue this day...etcetcetc.." then feel him get up and walk out of the room. prob to watch TV{&tooter} in the living room without me complaining...and i start to fall into treep once again.

so I am halfway between reality and soundsleepness again when I feel wet sprinkles on my face. and the sprinks smell rather pleasant. I generally fall asleep freakishly fast so I wait a sec to decide if I am dreaming about rain or possibly spray tanning or if that is, in fact, wet sprinkles hitting me. so I open my eyes and see my smartie other half standing across the bed from me with his arm up in the air right under the fan and spraying a big bottle of Febreeze straight into the full force fan!!! ayecaramba man seriously?...are you really trying to fix the problem that is long gone now? I try to look mad for a sec but he hasn't stopped spraying so it keeps hitting me and it friggin tickles. So I start cracking up and pull the covs over my face then he's encouraged and jumps on the bed and tries to pull my shield of covers off and we both thought it was hilarious and fun and then he secured his place back on the bed and I fell asleep prob 53 seconds later.

still don't know how that sneaky guy won me back over making me sleep in a damp bed with a pungent laundry smell. but it happened.

{two}. on friday we were snuggling on the couch relaxing after a long day. & I just wanted to stay right freaking there and not move a muscle. But he wants to change the laundry to get his gym clothes out. i tell him there's no way that's happening. & he says there's no way to stop him and starts getting up ninja fast. I try to hold him down so he can't move from the position but with his brute strength {haha brute} he obvi just pops right up. So I swing my legs around to get up before him so I can run to the laundry room and block him out. But in both of our determination to win something goes awry... & I kick him right in his "theresnowaytostopme" face.

He dramatically throws himself to the floor and hides his face so I will think his face has been permanently dented in or something. i start my "ohmahgossshhh are you ok.....etcetc" and he whips around smiling as if to say "haha I fooled you". But the joke was on him because when he whips around to show me he's faking and he should be an oscar winning actor he actually has a puddle of blood on his lip and its actually got a "igotkickedintheface" cut. So he's sitting there smiling at his acting abilities and I am smiling at him having no idea that in reality...i really did win.

{i obvi told him and ran to get ice so it didn't swell for our photo shoot the next day} {and we obvi both laughed bout the whole debacle}

{three}. So I was granted permission by the Mr. to tell the previous stories. But I did not get clearance for the final event. straight up denied! so lets just say.... it involves... 1) a nudie man dripping wet from the shower 2) a hilarious march through the living room and 3) a beyond funny one liner.

wish you could've been there. except not really at all..because that would be awkward.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a big BOWL of SUPER!

We love us a good superbowl. Chris loves the football part and I love the food part. so we had some friends over...and our out-of-towners o'course. watched the game on our leftover floor bed. laughed at the comms. Ate the football snackies. and played battle of the sexes at halftime. when the Packers won we all celebrated with the kazzoo blower celebrators. Then had a night of chucks and giggs playing games until it was time to call it a night. that is a SUPER bowl... if you ask me. hahahaha.

{the food table. minus the pizza. and the football shaped oreos that I forgot about. AND the taquitos. i suck. grrr}

{that is some 7 layer dip. tasted diff with the guac on top...but it needed to look like a field. ob.}

{football chocolate covered strawbs. is there a better/cuter idea? no there isnt}

{i love when people give into my posey posing commands. yesssss!!!}

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just sometimes

Sometimes we have friends. And that is only when we fiercely force peeps to come into town to see us. so we forced Chris' college roommate JUDY aka Brandon Judy and his seriously lovely wifey Cassie to drive down from Bakersfield to visit us. And by that I mean that the guys planned on them coming down for the superbowl and I was last to find out about it. But we are SO GLAD they came and we had amigos for a weekend. & it was just a blissful blast all the way around.

So after my 8 hours of deathly dental class on Sat we attended a "Chocolate affair" Chocolate Festival in Glendale. Mention Chocolate and I'm obvi there asap. It was more like a carnival and not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory{like I imagined}...but it was ha-lot of fun. We viewed a giant chocolate santa, ate a deep fried snickers and laughed at the Judys eating a frozen chocolate dipped banana. good times. Then we partied in downtown Tempe. And by partied I mean...went to Chilis. chilis chips and salsa IS a party. Then we went home and made a giant floor bed with 13 blankets {I counted when I cleaned it up just last night} and watched What Happens in Vegas {which btw is the most underrated movie because its so hilar and in my top 5 movies in life} with QTs and popcorn with MMs. SUCH a glorious day!

I invented a new game called "guess who is in the picture". Which is not a game at all. Its just what you have to do when I take a pic with my phone camera. And the more I look at it the funnier I think it is. Hahahaha. blurs.

{MD, Sar, Em, Cass, Jude}

{my deep fried piece of paradise.}

{our sweet floor bed. & our slumber party.}

{Former roomies. & just funny characters. JUDY, Maddog & PJ}

{my new friend Cassie}
{btw thats my new fave "i'm sloppy because Im chillin at home" outfit. my Lauren Conrad leggings and Chris' Hollis' henley sweatshirt..the most comfy thing I've ever beheld. ever.}

love comes in red & pink!

I LOVE this LOVE colored sight...

That's the evidence of us tearing into the famous themed parcel my MIL sends for all the holidays. we're pretty much obsessed with them. I literally squeal with delight when Chris runs in yelling "the package is here!!!"

I pull each item out with care and admire the thought and creativity of it before moving on to the next. While Chris pushes everything aside to pull out his NO Xplode and Clif Bars that he already knows are gonna be in there.

Everything is red and pink! And VDAY love themed. it set a great mood for the rest of the day. Everything is hearts and sugar and smell goods and just adorb.

Once its all out we usually have a set pattern of the next hour: Chris shreds open the jerky {or anything else edible} and starts researching whatever his "man gift" was, Hooshie goes wild with his new toy that is always in there {he literally won't let it leave his sight} and I eat all the See's candy, set everything up to take a "documentation" picture then decorate!

we all fit our roles so lovely.

{Notice my new Cricut Alphabet set! my fave this package and in life}

{Hahaha. so handsome}

{this look is a mix of "i love my gift" and "you're not touching this ball"}

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

smarty paws

Draw the curtains and hold the phone because our a genius. i have called the cute but mostly stinky and often clueless poop-faced pup a lot of things. & genius is not usually one of them. but today...he showed his true colors. and the colors were... Albert Einstein. the little fluffernutter squash was home alone for a couple of hours today and he spent those hours trying to figure out how to skillfully let us know that he is really a human trapped in a dog's body. and his profession is secretly a mathematician. {hahaha can you imagine him sitting there punching in some numbers on his calculator? haha} He took on this feat using nothing but the blank canvas that is the living room floor and the flips flops from our overflowing shoe basket.

So...we left with the floor completely clear and came home to three perfectly separated piles of shoes in the middle of the floor. He separated the shoes into piles of 1, 2 and 3 shoes! and he sat in front of them beaming proudly at us. Is this real life? bet your asterisk it is. Hoosher totally pulled a "babe the pig" and communicated with us through flip flops {and one TOMS shoe}.

I mean...there is no other explanation. we never come home to all our shoes from the shoe basket spread all over the piles or not. he saw the opportunity and seized the day!

This picture cracks me up. I busted up laughing the moment I took it. Noble Hooshie standing in front of his masterpiece. Like a child holding up their school test with a big "A+" on it. Hahahahahaha. hoo.