Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a big BOWL of SUPER!

We love us a good superbowl. Chris loves the football part and I love the food part. so we had some friends over...and our out-of-towners o'course. watched the game on our leftover floor bed. laughed at the comms. Ate the football snackies. and played battle of the sexes at halftime. when the Packers won we all celebrated with the kazzoo blower celebrators. Then had a night of chucks and giggs playing games until it was time to call it a night. that is a SUPER bowl... if you ask me. hahahaha.

{the food table. minus the pizza. and the football shaped oreos that I forgot about. AND the taquitos. i suck. grrr}

{that is some 7 layer dip. tasted diff with the guac on top...but it needed to look like a field. ob.}

{football chocolate covered strawbs. is there a better/cuter idea? no there isnt}

{i love when people give into my posey posing commands. yesssss!!!}


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