Friday, February 25, 2011

feb is almost over!

I had just a fantab day ta-day. Which was a needed breath of fresh air after the crappy week I've had. It was just the type of week that makes you plan countless vacations in your head...because you need one. so....TODAY: I didn't have to work{yesss}. Got my hilights touched up AND got $25 off thanks to my first Groupon purchase {guess i'm a group-ie now. haha}. Hit up the most amazing Super Target I have ever entered in my entire 24 years and 342 days {my bday is in 23 days thats how i know the exacts}. Bought a bunch of adorbo springy things for my niece {lil Louie}. Bought a jump rope and Cadbury Mini eggs because I wanted to {contradiction?}. Got to make lunch for Chris and Antho because they stopped in for a break during work {nice lil surprise}. Went out to din with my husband to the Spicy Pickle {just for the sil name...& it really was frickin Spice!}. And got Chris to turn off espn to play dominos with me!!! Because we're wild like that on Friday nights. And those are just the good things in the day. sometimes all i need is a simple day to do what i want.

Hooshie had a good day too. He got to take 2 poos. Plus he got a special gift from mama's trip to Target. this thingy makes me laugh. humans. 'Don't mind the humans". I have always liked referring to people as humans. like i'm an animal...or a vampire.

Then he got to play dominos with his favorite humans. Don't mind me with my half-an-eye and joe dirt hair....
Here is he focusing hard on which to play. hahahaha! love this pic. He picked the winning hand btw....
Merry weekend peeps.


  1. LOL!!!! joe dirt hair. hahahahahhahahaaa

  2. can I come play with you? that sounds like a day I would enjoy thank you very much...

  3. cutest pic ever...especially the one eye......I need to live with you....jk chris don't panic


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