Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sweet nectar lolligaggers it's March and I am in planning mode! In my circle of peeps {so like 4 & 1/2 people} I am famous for needing to have something to look forward to...or else melting down in a preteen tantrum. Chris is really good at reminding me to have joyinthejourney joyinthejourney joyinthejourney...happiness is a journey not a destination etcetcetc. But when I have something coming up I have a lil extra pep in my step. And the start of Spring always just feels so exciting...like something is coming. & starting in March we have plans for at least...6 months or so....which is good cuz we tend to get antsy. Thank you future summer.

Some tentative plans worth mentioning in the near future months:::::

March: My Birthday! And I graduate from my dental assisting program....which means we can finally take our Mexico weekend trip! And I just heard that Dan my BIL might come down for spring break/spring training games!

April: Up to see George for Easter weekend. aka...St. George, UT!

May: Bachelorette Party In Vegas with my high school Texan friends!!!!!!!!! Then both of us will go to Texas and Oklahoma for Colette's wedding weekend. May is gonna be a constant party.

June: Moving time! Which also means taking a month to redecorate and organize everything. SO EXCITED. Now we just gotta find the house! And back to St. George for the Conner family reunion {thank you for the reminder kizzle}

July{maybe end of June? I dunno.}: Washington for our sister's farewell. Last time we'll see her for 1.5 years.

August: Trip over to San Diego. Then our supersilsis Kailey and her friend Brecken are visiting us in AZ!

Fall: Texas again to visit our new niece that will arrive into the world in July! &&& Chris starts school at ASU! &&& New York perhaps {we always leave the East coast out of things...}?

I tell this to you so you can jump on the opportunity and get yourself penciled in :) We will accept any and all offers of visitors. With the one condition that you bring us either fresh 'pink star' smoothies or a hug with a kiss and a lil pinch ;) lo lov love!


  1. well first of all you forgot my birthday in May... AND the family reunion in June... and the trip to help me move in April... and you didnt tell me you were moving in June, AND im coming to help since I will be going to visit you for Memorial weekend... lets go ahead and pencil that in... Hoosher will appreciate all the cousin time he gets :)

  2. I noticed that I was not penciled in :(

  3. Yay! I love making plans! ASU is such an awesome campus too, I'm sure Chris will love it! And their institute is HUGE, another bonus!
    To respond to your comment on my blog, we're going to be in Apache Junction and we're going to the d-backs v. M's game for spring training, if we see Chris, I'll say hi, even if he doesn't recognize/remember us! I'll be awkward like that! Maybe we could get together? There's the gelato place I saw on the food network in Chandler that I really want to try. Let me know!


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