Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just sometimes

Sometimes we have friends. And that is only when we fiercely force peeps to come into town to see us. so we forced Chris' college roommate JUDY aka Brandon Judy and his seriously lovely wifey Cassie to drive down from Bakersfield to visit us. And by that I mean that the guys planned on them coming down for the superbowl and I was last to find out about it. But we are SO GLAD they came and we had amigos for a weekend. & it was just a blissful blast all the way around.

So after my 8 hours of deathly dental class on Sat we attended a "Chocolate affair" Chocolate Festival in Glendale. Mention Chocolate and I'm obvi there asap. It was more like a carnival and not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory{like I imagined}...but it was ha-lot of fun. We viewed a giant chocolate santa, ate a deep fried snickers and laughed at the Judys eating a frozen chocolate dipped banana. good times. Then we partied in downtown Tempe. And by partied I mean...went to Chilis. chilis chips and salsa IS a party. Then we went home and made a giant floor bed with 13 blankets {I counted when I cleaned it up just last night} and watched What Happens in Vegas {which btw is the most underrated movie because its so hilar and in my top 5 movies in life} with QTs and popcorn with MMs. SUCH a glorious day!

I invented a new game called "guess who is in the picture". Which is not a game at all. Its just what you have to do when I take a pic with my phone camera. And the more I look at it the funnier I think it is. Hahahaha. blurs.

{MD, Sar, Em, Cass, Jude}

{my deep fried piece of paradise.}

{our sweet floor bed. & our slumber party.}

{Former roomies. & just funny characters. JUDY, Maddog & PJ}

{my new friend Cassie}
{btw thats my new fave "i'm sloppy because Im chillin at home" outfit. my Lauren Conrad leggings and Chris' Hollis' henley sweatshirt..the most comfy thing I've ever beheld. ever.}

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  1. STOPPPPPP!!!! What happens in Vegas is in my top 5 tooooooo!!!


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