Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love comes in red & pink!

I LOVE this LOVE colored sight...

That's the evidence of us tearing into the famous themed parcel my MIL sends for all the holidays. we're pretty much obsessed with them. I literally squeal with delight when Chris runs in yelling "the package is here!!!"

I pull each item out with care and admire the thought and creativity of it before moving on to the next. While Chris pushes everything aside to pull out his NO Xplode and Clif Bars that he already knows are gonna be in there.

Everything is red and pink! And VDAY love themed. it set a great mood for the rest of the day. Everything is hearts and sugar and smell goods and just adorb.

Once its all out we usually have a set pattern of the next hour: Chris shreds open the jerky {or anything else edible} and starts researching whatever his "man gift" was, Hooshie goes wild with his new toy that is always in there {he literally won't let it leave his sight} and I eat all the See's candy, set everything up to take a "documentation" picture then decorate!

we all fit our roles so lovely.

{Notice my new Cricut Alphabet set! my fave item..in this package and in life}

{Hahaha. so handsome}

{this look is a mix of "i love my gift" and "you're not touching this ball"}


  1. Ugggh! I am always sooo jealous of your holiday packages! Have your MIL send mine an instructional note, kthx.

  2. dang. you guys get the hook up!!! thats awesome.

  3. you are such an awesome gusher ....it makes me want to send you something


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