Thursday, February 17, 2011

our second marriage

we got married again! except we didn't and we just feel like we did. these two awesome photographer girls we know are starting a wedding photog business and asked the husb and I to be their wedding models. so we got all spiffed up and recreated our wedding day looks for the shoot. it was ha-lot of fun. we shot at an awesome castle with beautiful picture perfect spots, a ballroom, fountains & a huge wide field outside. 'twas truly blissful.

three things I would change if I could rewind 2 years and make any changes to our wedding day. 1. our photographer. i was not so happy with our pictures. and I mean... really...those are some important memories to capture. 2. My hair & looked fine when it was done but it didn't turn out in the pics. i was frizzy and ghostlike 3. our first dance. we didn't have one.

doing this shoot we got to have our wedding pics retaken. & I can't wait to print out the beautiful shots they got! I also got my hair and makeup done and I loved it in person and in the photos. & while takin pictures we danced in the gorgeous ballroom to the cute lovesongs playing. with just us and the fun photogs. that totally counts.

I don't have pictures to share from the shoot because...well...they are for their business. But I will say that I have seen some and they are positively beautiful. Jackie and Yadira are so talented. we are so happy to have had that opportunity!!!

I should've taken some pics while we were in our formal flocks but I didn't. all I got are the ones after we got home..stuffed ourselves with panda express and QT... and passed out. apparently posing takes a lot out of ya.

{my fancy face and head...and my ultimate comfie outfit}

{he was very annoyed that I was trying to take pictures after we JUST got done with hours of picture taking. he'll thank me later}

{I love this pic for one intriguing COUTURE woman hanging in my bathroom to the left. I'm obsessed with that pic. and it feels like she's posing for this pic with me. and its so rand that its almost freaky. and I just took 22 bobbies out of my hair. that's a record.}

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