Friday, February 18, 2011


I just rully like how Chris is gettin so solid at the husband thing. we had a fab VDay of love thanks to him. usually I am the celebratory sally. but he took over this holiday. just call him harold holiday....if you will. I dont wanna get into too much detail...because I feel like I'd be braggin. But...i will say...the boy made a lovely homecooked breakfast...planned a scavenger hunt around our place with cutesie love notes and thoughtful gifts... a romantic night out to dinner...and dessert and a movie snuggled in bed. it was just adorb. i loved it. I love my Chris and my hoosher. i love my family. i love my friends. and I love holidays. thank you love you bye.

{happy VDay from the hoosh monster}

{going out to dine on italian.}

{heart shaped Strawberry Pizza...made by moi. & seriously delish {if i do say so myself}}

{oh ello heart strawbs, fruit dip sauce and sugar cookie crust}

{sippin on some love in a wine glass}

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