Wednesday, February 16, 2011

weekly funnies

Was last week just a really funny week for everyone? Or was it just a completely normal/average week but I was extremely busy and sleep deprived so everything was just funny to me? Or do i just have funny people around me? why am I trying to figure it out. Either way... I loved it.

The following three instances occurred last week. The dog provided me with no was all my sil husnand. Each leaving me in a fit of giggs. I decided to blog these random diddies so when we're 101 and have alzheimers we will have these to read and remember when we were young and stupid. {anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy? The alz thing is freakin me out...}

{one}. one completely average night we were nestled into our bed. I think it was like midnight. I was about halfway between wide awake and dreamland and C was sitting up watching TV{as usual} when I was snapped into cruel consciousness by a ripple sound and the obvious "500 times less than pleasant" smell that followed. seriously the bed? i take a peek at his face to confirm that he was aware of what just happened {since he usually tries to act oblivious & I can tell from just one look if that's the card he's gonna try to play}. I give the most annoyed look i can come up with mid sleepiness and roll over grumbling " know I can't stand nast stenches...the bathroom is 5 feet from will rue this day...etcetcetc.." then feel him get up and walk out of the room. prob to watch TV{&tooter} in the living room without me complaining...and i start to fall into treep once again.

so I am halfway between reality and soundsleepness again when I feel wet sprinkles on my face. and the sprinks smell rather pleasant. I generally fall asleep freakishly fast so I wait a sec to decide if I am dreaming about rain or possibly spray tanning or if that is, in fact, wet sprinkles hitting me. so I open my eyes and see my smartie other half standing across the bed from me with his arm up in the air right under the fan and spraying a big bottle of Febreeze straight into the full force fan!!! ayecaramba man seriously?...are you really trying to fix the problem that is long gone now? I try to look mad for a sec but he hasn't stopped spraying so it keeps hitting me and it friggin tickles. So I start cracking up and pull the covs over my face then he's encouraged and jumps on the bed and tries to pull my shield of covers off and we both thought it was hilarious and fun and then he secured his place back on the bed and I fell asleep prob 53 seconds later.

still don't know how that sneaky guy won me back over making me sleep in a damp bed with a pungent laundry smell. but it happened.

{two}. on friday we were snuggling on the couch relaxing after a long day. & I just wanted to stay right freaking there and not move a muscle. But he wants to change the laundry to get his gym clothes out. i tell him there's no way that's happening. & he says there's no way to stop him and starts getting up ninja fast. I try to hold him down so he can't move from the position but with his brute strength {haha brute} he obvi just pops right up. So I swing my legs around to get up before him so I can run to the laundry room and block him out. But in both of our determination to win something goes awry... & I kick him right in his "theresnowaytostopme" face.

He dramatically throws himself to the floor and hides his face so I will think his face has been permanently dented in or something. i start my "ohmahgossshhh are you ok.....etcetc" and he whips around smiling as if to say "haha I fooled you". But the joke was on him because when he whips around to show me he's faking and he should be an oscar winning actor he actually has a puddle of blood on his lip and its actually got a "igotkickedintheface" cut. So he's sitting there smiling at his acting abilities and I am smiling at him having no idea that in reality...i really did win.

{i obvi told him and ran to get ice so it didn't swell for our photo shoot the next day} {and we obvi both laughed bout the whole debacle}

{three}. So I was granted permission by the Mr. to tell the previous stories. But I did not get clearance for the final event. straight up denied! so lets just say.... it involves... 1) a nudie man dripping wet from the shower 2) a hilarious march through the living room and 3) a beyond funny one liner.

wish you could've been there. except not really at all..because that would be awkward.

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