Monday, March 28, 2011

major LEAGUE baseball

Chris and I met up with the Boudys {Mel, Brand & Brax} to go to a MLB spring training game taday!! The overachieving sun was scorchin but the overall experience was pretty coo. We decided to go to the Mariners/Rockies game & I didn't have any Mariners merch so I wore my sweet shirt with the state of Washington on it and my Texas Rangers hat {the Rang's were playing not too far away so it's legit}.

It's no secret that I get a tad starstruck around any pro athletes {ie...the post about the Suns game}...this doesn't really happen with celebs...just athletes {ok both}. And we happened to sit on the lawn right next to the bullpen. And there happened to be players warming up. And I happened to mention that I like the guy with the fauxhawk cuz he looked edgy..and deemed him my new favorite player on the spot. Because that's how I pick favorite players...I don't have to actually watch them play to be my fave. LEAGUE was his name...Brandon League. A lil while later we were getting ready to leave and I was standing watching the players and LEAGUE looked up at me and just stared at me for a sec so I waved to see if it was indeed me he was looking at or the couple of kids around me and he {ready for this?} waved back...looked away....then looked back up...did a lil head 'what up' thing...then flashed me a smile and just about blinded me with his pearlies. EGAAAAK!

I got so excited that I went back to Chris and told him all bout it with my starstruck eyes....I told him that I'm sorry but League just fell in love with me....I can't help what pro athletes I make fall in love with me. and Mel could totally back me up because he was looking for me after I walked away. this isn't just happening in my head ok???

So now Chris is happy {slash} jealous because now I am a Mariner's fan {slash} I have a fake crush on faux-hawked white toothed League. I told him not to worry...we're both married...and it was only a wave and a smile....but I am still getting a League jersey :):):) Hahaha!

grrrr...I don't have any pics from the game...gotta get those from the Bouds...just that one up there from before the game...I felt bad we were leaving the lil H all day so I gave him some shug.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I saw the most exciting thing right up on my YAHOO!! homepage today...ahem...

The 'always-nicer-and-better-quality-but-because-of-that-you-feel-like-its-more-expensive' TARGET is actually LESS EXPENSIVE than 'I-hate-walking-in-the-doors-but-always-end-up-shopping-here-because-they-are-cheap-and-have-everything' WALMART!!!

Waaheee! The study peeps compared 35 brand name items that are sold at both stores and Target's total came out just a wee bit less. BUT Target also offers their Redcard which gives you 5% off everything you buy. So laaaa-deeee-da...I never have to feel obligated to shop at WalMart again!!!!

Why is this such a big deal? Because I hate WalMart with a passion and have always wanted to swear it off forever but I felt like as the shopper and woman of the household I needed to suck it up and shop at Wally's to save money. I dunno..its a psychological thing {I know I can't be the only one that feels this way}. But now I can feel totally free and prance around the clean, stocked and organized aisles and load my germ free cart up with quality inexpensive products that I love. PLUS I feel totally justified on getting a Redcard immediately.

Take THAT walmart guy who made me wait for 35 minutes to get some spray paint and tried to run away from me while I was seeking assistance. I laugh in your face. Hahahaha!

If you would like to read about the study and get excited all over again go HERE.

p.s. we are going to a private screening tonight for a movie that's coming out this summer! good thing cus I'm cravin the popping corn ;)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

twenty something

This picture was taken on my 2010 birthday in Washington....

And this pic was taken on my 2011 birthday in the EXACT same position ...makes me gig...

We're all so grown up!!! Older and wiser...and stronger... and less hairy. haha. larve luv love!

So I mentioned what everyone that's away from me did but need to mention what my lil family that is here did with me. My husnand made my birthday celebrating so much fun! bathed me in prezzies. took me to another new eat spot. took me to the ultimate mall in Scottsdale {gasp!}. took me to the duck pond so we could laugh at the little hooie try to chase the quakers. and took me to cinemas to watch Brad Coop use his whole brain for 2 hours. it was exactly what I wanted and it was awesome. am I bragging again? sorry..gotta work on that. sike. no chance.

{I made these cupcakes just because I found these candles that have colorful flames! can't quite tell but the flame is whatever color the candle is. obviously extremely exciting!! haha!}

{toasting with Maddog and Chris to end the day and weekend..using my birthday girl glass!}

germs, love and smoothies to all!!!

Birthday kindness and stuff

i L♥VE MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I think everyone should love their own. its only one day a year that its all about you. I happen to label March 20th as the best day of the year. and everyone that knows me knows this about me. & this year I had one of the greatest badays ev. My family is rully big on celebrating and even though not one single person from my family were with us...they all still made it so special for me. Everyone was asking me "what I want" and I told them that I'm old and incredibly mature now so I don't need presents..I just really like when I know people think about me and do thoughtful things. and I wasn't even lying and hoping they still just get me presents like I used to. They all know me too well..and did exactly what I love....celebrated me all week! Can I just gush about them and thank people? O'course I can..its my blog.

My sister Kimmie set up the most amazing and special "25 memories of Melissa" dealio on my facebook. 5 days before my birthday she started and posted 5 times each day of different memories of lil ol' ME that she gathered from 25 people that know and love me. and it was so awesome to read 5 posts everyday from humans I love and seeing what everyone had to say...what they thought about me or the memories they had. I chuckled. I cried. I smiled. I grumbled. I LOL'ed. I reminisced.... it was unbelievable. isn't my sister Kizkat just so extraordinary?

So basically I just felt like everyone was celebrating my birthday all week. sister Kiki-frog texted me pics and vids everyday showing me how they were celebrating. Videos of my niece singing me happy birthday that made me cry. AND she put together a thoughtful box of happiness {seen below}. And random texts..."here's a pic of Lu wearing purple for your birthday this week". loves.

And sister Kake {pronounced 'cake' fyi} sent me 62 texts on my actual bday. And they were ub-hilar. one of my faves out of the 62.... "'re awesome. Like if you were a midget you'd be the tallest. Or if you were stupid you'd be the smartest stupid person. Or smartest smart person...whatever. Or the bluest avatar, slipperyest penguin, giraffe with the longest neck, mightyest mouse, spider with 9 legs. you get my gist". Hahaha. I love my sisters.

So a big fat special thanks-a-mil to everyone that shared their love, memories and happy wishes with me. You all are so incredibly thoughtful and just the greatest people on the planet earth.

And like I family knows me too well. So even though I wanted {and got} tons of thoughtful gestures...they also showered me with gifts. yes! i do love things. packages and packages full of love in present form.

Sharing pics of just a fraction of the gifts {ones I got pics of obvi} to show my appreciation for you splendid givers that couldn't be here to see my open them with gleeee. Gracias!

{I'm trying to look just like her. can you tell from the seriousness?}

{the 'melissa's bday table'}

{my springy wedges!}

{cute cuppies..not a gift..well a gift to myself :)}

{so excited for the '25 items that represent Melissa' box Kimmie and the Lotts sent! presents that are also a game=best}

{I was about to snap a pic of my M&M socks with the skanky green M&M that I love that were in that box above...but Hoo got in the way. Hahaha! His yittle face}

{heavenly scents. V. Beckham and P. Hilton perfies!}

{my apoth jar collection is growing...and collecting chocolate on its way}

AAAND the next day our favorites Mel and Brandon had us over for steak and shrimp kabobs, the cutest M&M cake and more gifts! love those guys.

{this mug was delish! rainbow chip cake with a pop of mini MM's is a winning combo. M&M's..get's my nick name...Melissa Michelle :)}

{love this. so true. plus me and H are down there in the corner!}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I graduated from DA school! Hallelujah!!!! sunshine, rainbows, birds playing the strings and happy balloons full of hot helium!!! Hello free weekends and late nights where I don't have to study and I get to drink rooster boosters and watch reality tv and text people back after 9 pm!! feels great. And I officially turned down the first Dental office I had a working interview at. I'm bouta take it easy...enjoy not being incredibly busy and find a good situation/career for myself at a place that I WANT to work. lovely Lillis.

But I wanted to share this camera phone pic from the lil grad ceremony we had at the dentist office/school. Each person took a pic with the dentist and our teacher. Just the three of us...standing in a lil line in front of all the guests watching. I am not comfortable in a pic unless I have a hand on my hip and am turned to my good side. so I just turned my right leg a lil so I didn't look like a soldier standing there & that is why it's extra-awk. Hahaha!

I got a massage straight away after grad. congratulating myself. fantast jump off to the birthday weekend.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh my lucky cloves

All day long on the famous green St. Pat's day I tried to talk in an Irish accent....but it would only last for about half a sentence and then... I would turn into a pirate. Somethin like... top o' the mornin to ya..scurry ya wee bum in here and get a taste o' the corned beef orrrrrr else yer be walkin the plank..savvy? I don't know if any of that was actually Irish or pirate sounding but that's how it came out. I need to work on that since I am so irish judging by my skin and dead on accent.

So I'm thinkin I definitely wanna carry on the St. Patrick's traddies I had growing up....candy all over the house, green freckles, everything misplaced from the Leprechauns visit and all kinds of likeminded madness. But since these traditions would not have the same affect with two adults...we'll wait on those.

So I just decided to attempt to make a greenish dinner. It was both amazing and disgusting. Amazing because it was all green and was actual corned beef and disgusting because it was corned beef and did not taste good. Its a big hunka beef boiling away in its own drippings with something that smells like Christmas wassail seasoning it. Just not my cup o'tea. But it was very green and the rolo cookies were delect. So I'm happy. Happy late St. P's dia. pinch pinch pinch ya grinches.

Who wants an awkward picture of our dinner? I just have an urge to show everyone the green wonders that we sent down our tubes....

Pet me I'm Irish!!! get it get it?!? Like the 'Kiss me I'm Irish'! what a hoot.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

brotherly bonding

So Chris' older and wiser broth DAN P. HAYES drove down from St. George to visit us! Very exciting to have a famous Hayes family member on our turf. Even though he only came down for like 2 1/2 days. We love him. He literally walked into our place carrying nothing but his PS3 and they plugged it in and turned it on and from that moment on they literally played MLB 2kwhatever every waking hour with the exception of the hours that they were at an actual MLB spring training game making up nick names for the players and eatin 12 foot long supreme hot dogs {& by twelve i mean one}. But that's what they do to brother bond.'s how they share their brotherly love. And while they do that I make wreaths and roll around on the floor asking when its gonna be over so we can go get a QT and gossip or something.

Oh and on Monday night I demanded they turn off the video game system 'hate of my life' player and let me watch the Bachelor finale. So there we were...just me and three 20 somethin year old dudes watching the Bach. and they were totally into it & I was totally satisfied. Until the third hour when I was forced to go watch 'After the final rose' in the bedroom all alone while they turned on baseball again. Just so we're clear...I don't blame this on Dan...I blame it on Chris...he gets really obsessed with vid games and I literally have to call him on his cell phone from the bedroom where I am asleep at 1:30 am and tell him its time to come to bed because he has to work tomorrow. And that's why we don't have an xbox...or ps3...or whatever else the young hooligans play with these days. But in all sincerity...Dan was a great guest and he's so cool and fun and we had some good convos and he had some presh uncle time with the Hoosher..they have a cute love/bark relationship ;) Come back soooon Danny Boy.

This first pic is the cutest pic ever and I'm prob gonna be framing it. The handsome brothers. And lil Hoo winking....

This next pic was when Dan was leaving and I seriously said "I need you guys to be recreating what you did while he was here for this pic so I can blog about it". And this is what I got. Hahaha! Same exact pic as above....

P.S. Chris just walked into the room and I told him I'm blogging about Dan's visit and he said "baaaabe....don't say that I played video games the whole time please". Hahahahahahahahahaha! Then I told him of course that's what I'm saying and read the whole thing to him and he laughed and seriously said "you're should go take a journalism class and become a Sports writer". Hahahahahaha. What?!?! That's exactly what I don't want to do...write about sports. Hahahaha..crackin.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Ahhh...look at this homeless looking, overfed, freshly electricuted dog. Hahahahahahahaha! You can't even see one of his eyes. I absolutely love this picture. Taken this morning before I took the little hoo hoo to his vet/groomer appt.
2 shots and one long grooming sesh later he looked 3 pounds lighter, soft and lush, smelled divine yet had a huge problem with keeping his peepers open for a good after pic.

The tiny lil paws. awwwwwww. they look like cat feet. he's so cute I want to squeeze him til his head pops off. i won't though.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Color me excited!

I have found my nail polish colors for SPRING! I ♥ Spring..mostly for the holidays, the weather and the colors! The reason this find is so exciting? Let me back it up for a lil second. I gave myself the greatest manicure with OPI nail polish like 3 months ago. I was so happy with it and the names on the polishes {they always make me chuckle like an idiot} that I formally declared I would start an O.P.I nail polish collection. And once I commit to a collection I am usually all about it. When I was younger I had quite a collect of...ahem...Pigs, stickers, beanie babies, pogs....the cool stuff. haha. But in my old age I have lost my collection commitment and up until this point I only have 4 OPI's.

So the other day my sis-in-law Bethany texts excited...and tells me that OPI has a Texas collection! Now peeps...even though I was born in California and haven't lived in Texas in 5 years I obviously consider myself a Texan...because I lived there for 10 years...and grew up there through all the most important 'growing up' years. So I have a great deal of Texas any self respecting Texan should. So suddenly my Texas pride and my re-found OPI nailpolish love mashed together and sent me into a tizzy. Sometimes I get a lil obsessive...not ashamed. Bethany texted me the picture of the Lone Star State polishes and told me I needed them. Obvi I agreed 100%. Then I went online to see what the colors were and there was one called "It's totally Fort Worth it". That's where I lived! Fort Worth, TX! EEEEEE! Must have.

So I went to a beauty supply store directly across the street from my front door and there I beheld every OPI nail polish color dollars each!!!! glorious day. But there were a million boxes in front of the OPI collections and they told me the Texas collection hadn't been shelved yet so I would have to come back. So better believe I went back today {right after the dirty grocery store} and they still weren't shelved so I sat on the dirty floor and searched through all the little boxes for at least the Fort Worth one. AND I FOUND IT! Along with two other colors that made me happy for spring. what a victory. It doesn't take much my friends...not much at all.

And now my collection is well on it's way. proud to have these beauts in my possession...

{Do you Lilac it?- It's totally Fort Worth it- Bubble Bath}

anything 'fecal' is not my friend

I made the biggest deal ever about the Fecal Matter on the shopping carts. So much so that I was a wee bit frightened to go to the store. apparently I thought that suddenly invisible bacteria would be poo smeared all over the handle. So I held off until today's early afternoon hours...and when I went I was perfectly pleased to find that the anti-bac wipes were fully stocked and ready to use. the clear! So I pretty much wiped down the whole handle half of the cart. Two wipes later I got on with my shopping. Made it to the checkout safely. Thought I had made it out germ free. But after focusing on the credit card machine while paying I looked over at the bagger to see that she was loading my grocers into a different cart that was standing by while my germ free cart was still at my side. oh bullocks. after all that you're really gonna made me fecal-load my hands up? dagnab. I used my wrists like a crazy and walked the 10 feet to the wipes and wiped down the new and blemished cart {and my wrists} just so I could take my cart to my car without gagging.

i think that study ruined my life. needlesstosay...I felt the urge to stop by the 99 cent store on the way home and snag these bad boys....

never will I leave home without them.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


just a bunch o' lil VIDEO CLIPSSSSS!!!! I love watching vids and I would do a lot more for the blog if I had a better vid cam than my cell phone. horrrrrib quality. But I just realized how ridiculous and hilarious we get when we're playing with our pup. so I'm sharing these mugs.

My two guys are BFFs. Its like a little hug for my heart everytime I watch them play. This is their fave thing to do. When Chris walks into the room with his Seahawks hoodie on...Hooshie knows it's on and gets so excited.

This clip is from today. Nothin really happenin but I think its cute how Hooshie always sits right under Chris' hand when he's eating in case something just might drop. And it did...

I told Chris he needs to get the pup wild so I could get a cute video of them going crazy. But hoo was not feeling it.

cute boys. Chu & Hoo ♥

& here I am being absurd. I had a lot of energy built up..what can I say? i love us.

Friday, March 4, 2011

i wanna be 4

So the lil "i'm-sometimes-cute-and-funny-but-mostly-hyperactive-and-rowdy" PB boy I get to play with during the week has everything he wants and more. Today we went to ride bikes outside. And by ride bikes I mean he picks out one of his 50 vehicles to ride and rides around the cul-de-sac 153 times while I stand in the sun with the 20 pound baby on my hip trying to suck on my J. Crew necklace...and everytime PB comes back around to where I'm standing he waves and laughs his head off...and if I look away for any percentage of a second he screams "WISSSSSSA watch me"!!!!!!

I made the mistake of taking a picture while he was driving around in his mini Escalade. Then he tells me "I need to get out all my rides and take a picture". Suddenly it turns into Cribs {you know the part where they show you all their cars, motorcycles, etc}: 4 year old edition. It takes like 20 mins and he gets out all his "rides" and lines them up perfectly so I can take a pic. It was then that I had a reality moment and thought...when I was 4 I think I probably made an imaginary car out of a cardboard box and a couple of milk cartons to play with...and even then I probably got it taken away from me from my 2 older sisters and was forced to watch them play with it while I was stuck imagining I had some crayons and paper to draw imaginary pictures with {JK MOM....jk, ok?}. I'm totally making that up of course because I have no memories from when I was 4. But it had to be something like that. I just know that I wasn't linin up all my "rides" and choosin between a Cady and a 4 wheeler. it's changed.

These are just his "front yard vehicles".....hahaha....lil PB.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

just fyi...

so I have never really cared about germs before. I mean I obvi wash my hands and change the sheets and squat in public restrooms...stuff like that. Im not a cavewoman. But now I carry anti-bac, disinfect everything, and i'm probably gonna start changing our pillowcases DAILY. My newfoundlove of killing {just germs..not peeps} probably started cause my DA teacher told us that if you floss your teeth then put the floss under a microscope then you can see bugs wriggling around like they were having a dance party on your tartar buildup. Not happening. its just not. THEN I got this info from Regis and Kelly this morning.

ready for this? I dont think anyone can actually be ready...but we'll see.

A study just found that grocery cart handles are dirtier than TOILETS. More specifically, they found more FECAL bacteria on grocery store handles than in public restrooms!!!! FECAL. that means poop.

They tested handles in grocery stores in 4 different states and found 72% of them contained fecal matter and half of them contained e-coli bacteria! i'm gagging. do you realize that means if you were dared to lick a grocery store handle for $20 and its like "sure I'll do that...for $ problem..I'll just buy myself some mouthwash with my winnings"...then you might as well just stick your head into a toilet after Doodoo Decaying Diana just walked out of the stall. it's just disturbing.

AND this study was taken by...of course...the University of Arizona. too close to home for comfort.

you're welcome for ruining your lunch. now go wash your hands.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Sweet nectar lolligaggers it's March and I am in planning mode! In my circle of peeps {so like 4 & 1/2 people} I am famous for needing to have something to look forward to...or else melting down in a preteen tantrum. Chris is really good at reminding me to have joyinthejourney joyinthejourney joyinthejourney...happiness is a journey not a destination etcetcetc. But when I have something coming up I have a lil extra pep in my step. And the start of Spring always just feels so something is coming. & starting in March we have plans for at least...6 months or so....which is good cuz we tend to get antsy. Thank you future summer.

Some tentative plans worth mentioning in the near future months:::::

March: My Birthday! And I graduate from my dental assisting program....which means we can finally take our Mexico weekend trip! And I just heard that Dan my BIL might come down for spring break/spring training games!

April: Up to see George for Easter weekend. aka...St. George, UT!

May: Bachelorette Party In Vegas with my high school Texan friends!!!!!!!!! Then both of us will go to Texas and Oklahoma for Colette's wedding weekend. May is gonna be a constant party.

June: Moving time! Which also means taking a month to redecorate and organize everything. SO EXCITED. Now we just gotta find the house! And back to St. George for the Conner family reunion {thank you for the reminder kizzle}

July{maybe end of June? I dunno.}: Washington for our sister's farewell. Last time we'll see her for 1.5 years.

August: Trip over to San Diego. Then our supersilsis Kailey and her friend Brecken are visiting us in AZ!

Fall: Texas again to visit our new niece that will arrive into the world in July! &&& Chris starts school at ASU! &&& New York perhaps {we always leave the East coast out of things...}?

I tell this to you so you can jump on the opportunity and get yourself penciled in :) We will accept any and all offers of visitors. With the one condition that you bring us either fresh 'pink star' smoothies or a hug with a kiss and a lil pinch ;) lo lov love!