Monday, March 7, 2011

anything 'fecal' is not my friend

I made the biggest deal ever about the Fecal Matter on the shopping carts. So much so that I was a wee bit frightened to go to the store. apparently I thought that suddenly invisible bacteria would be poo smeared all over the handle. So I held off until today's early afternoon hours...and when I went I was perfectly pleased to find that the anti-bac wipes were fully stocked and ready to use. the clear! So I pretty much wiped down the whole handle half of the cart. Two wipes later I got on with my shopping. Made it to the checkout safely. Thought I had made it out germ free. But after focusing on the credit card machine while paying I looked over at the bagger to see that she was loading my grocers into a different cart that was standing by while my germ free cart was still at my side. oh bullocks. after all that you're really gonna made me fecal-load my hands up? dagnab. I used my wrists like a crazy and walked the 10 feet to the wipes and wiped down the new and blemished cart {and my wrists} just so I could take my cart to my car without gagging.

i think that study ruined my life. needlesstosay...I felt the urge to stop by the 99 cent store on the way home and snag these bad boys....

never will I leave home without them.

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  1. I am chuckles the clown right now on your entire blog... AND Kobe is intently barking at the screen as I watch the vids... ps mental image of you pushing the cart with your wrists tickles my throat... AND your wrists will still get the fecal on it, just FYI!


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