Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday kindness and stuff

i L♥VE MY BIRTHDAY!!!! I think everyone should love their own. its only one day a year that its all about you. I happen to label March 20th as the best day of the year. and everyone that knows me knows this about me. & this year I had one of the greatest badays ev. My family is rully big on celebrating and even though not one single person from my family were with us...they all still made it so special for me. Everyone was asking me "what I want" and I told them that I'm old and incredibly mature now so I don't need presents..I just really like when I know people think about me and do thoughtful things. and I wasn't even lying and hoping they still just get me presents like I used to. They all know me too well..and did exactly what I love....celebrated me all week! Can I just gush about them and thank people? O'course I can..its my blog.

My sister Kimmie set up the most amazing and special "25 memories of Melissa" dealio on my facebook. 5 days before my birthday she started and posted 5 times each day of different memories of lil ol' ME that she gathered from 25 people that know and love me. and it was so awesome to read 5 posts everyday from humans I love and seeing what everyone had to say...what they thought about me or the memories they had. I chuckled. I cried. I smiled. I grumbled. I LOL'ed. I reminisced.... it was unbelievable. isn't my sister Kizkat just so extraordinary?

So basically I just felt like everyone was celebrating my birthday all week. sister Kiki-frog texted me pics and vids everyday showing me how they were celebrating. Videos of my niece singing me happy birthday that made me cry. AND she put together a thoughtful box of happiness {seen below}. And random texts..."here's a pic of Lu wearing purple for your birthday this week". loves.

And sister Kake {pronounced 'cake' fyi} sent me 62 texts on my actual bday. And they were ub-hilar. one of my faves out of the 62.... "'re awesome. Like if you were a midget you'd be the tallest. Or if you were stupid you'd be the smartest stupid person. Or smartest smart person...whatever. Or the bluest avatar, slipperyest penguin, giraffe with the longest neck, mightyest mouse, spider with 9 legs. you get my gist". Hahaha. I love my sisters.

So a big fat special thanks-a-mil to everyone that shared their love, memories and happy wishes with me. You all are so incredibly thoughtful and just the greatest people on the planet earth.

And like I family knows me too well. So even though I wanted {and got} tons of thoughtful gestures...they also showered me with gifts. yes! i do love things. packages and packages full of love in present form.

Sharing pics of just a fraction of the gifts {ones I got pics of obvi} to show my appreciation for you splendid givers that couldn't be here to see my open them with gleeee. Gracias!

{I'm trying to look just like her. can you tell from the seriousness?}

{the 'melissa's bday table'}

{my springy wedges!}

{cute cuppies..not a gift..well a gift to myself :)}

{so excited for the '25 items that represent Melissa' box Kimmie and the Lotts sent! presents that are also a game=best}

{I was about to snap a pic of my M&M socks with the skanky green M&M that I love that were in that box above...but Hoo got in the way. Hahaha! His yittle face}

{heavenly scents. V. Beckham and P. Hilton perfies!}

{my apoth jar collection is growing...and collecting chocolate on its way}

AAAND the next day our favorites Mel and Brandon had us over for steak and shrimp kabobs, the cutest M&M cake and more gifts! love those guys.

{this mug was delish! rainbow chip cake with a pop of mini MM's is a winning combo. M&M's..get's my nick name...Melissa Michelle :)}

{love this. so true. plus me and H are down there in the corner!}


  1. everyonelovestodostuffforyou because you are such a great gusher oh andIlovethe purple toe nails...they makemesohappy

  2. First things first... I just painted me tootsies the EXACT same color (not OPI mind you) second... Im at work crying as I read your bloglove... I love our family! amazing cup cakes BTW love the wrapper things! and awesome shot with the dessert sign in the back ground!


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