Tuesday, March 15, 2011

brotherly bonding

So Chris' older and wiser broth DAN P. HAYES drove down from St. George to visit us! Very exciting to have a famous Hayes family member on our turf. Even though he only came down for like 2 1/2 days. We love him. He literally walked into our place carrying nothing but his PS3 and they plugged it in and turned it on and from that moment on they literally played MLB 2kwhatever every waking hour with the exception of the hours that they were at an actual MLB spring training game making up nick names for the players and eatin 12 foot long supreme hot dogs {& by twelve i mean one}. But that's what they do to brother bond. Sports...it's how they share their brotherly love. And while they do that I make wreaths and roll around on the floor asking when its gonna be over so we can go get a QT and gossip or something.

Oh and on Monday night I demanded they turn off the video game system 'hate of my life' player and let me watch the Bachelor finale. So there we were...just me and three 20 somethin year old dudes watching the Bach. and they were totally into it & I was totally satisfied. Until the third hour when I was forced to go watch 'After the final rose' in the bedroom all alone while they turned on baseball again. Just so we're clear...I don't blame this on Dan...I blame it on Chris...he gets really obsessed with vid games and I literally have to call him on his cell phone from the bedroom where I am asleep at 1:30 am and tell him its time to come to bed because he has to work tomorrow. And that's why we don't have an xbox...or ps3...or whatever else the young hooligans play with these days. But in all sincerity...Dan was a great guest and he's so cool and fun and we had some good convos and he had some presh uncle time with the Hoosher..they have a cute love/bark relationship ;) Come back soooon Danny Boy.

This first pic is the cutest pic ever and I'm prob gonna be framing it. The handsome brothers. And lil Hoo winking....

This next pic was when Dan was leaving and I seriously said "I need you guys to be recreating what you did while he was here for this pic so I can blog about it". And this is what I got. Hahaha! Same exact pic as above....

P.S. Chris just walked into the room and I told him I'm blogging about Dan's visit and he said "baaaabe....don't say that I played video games the whole time please". Hahahahahahahahahaha! Then I told him of course that's what I'm saying and read the whole thing to him and he laughed and seriously said "you're good...you should go take a journalism class and become a Sports writer". Hahahahahaha. What?!?! That's exactly what I don't want to do...write about sports. Hahahaha..crackin.

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