Monday, March 7, 2011

Color me excited!

I have found my nail polish colors for SPRING! I ♥ Spring..mostly for the holidays, the weather and the colors! The reason this find is so exciting? Let me back it up for a lil second. I gave myself the greatest manicure with OPI nail polish like 3 months ago. I was so happy with it and the names on the polishes {they always make me chuckle like an idiot} that I formally declared I would start an O.P.I nail polish collection. And once I commit to a collection I am usually all about it. When I was younger I had quite a collect of...ahem...Pigs, stickers, beanie babies, pogs....the cool stuff. haha. But in my old age I have lost my collection commitment and up until this point I only have 4 OPI's.

So the other day my sis-in-law Bethany texts excited...and tells me that OPI has a Texas collection! Now peeps...even though I was born in California and haven't lived in Texas in 5 years I obviously consider myself a Texan...because I lived there for 10 years...and grew up there through all the most important 'growing up' years. So I have a great deal of Texas any self respecting Texan should. So suddenly my Texas pride and my re-found OPI nailpolish love mashed together and sent me into a tizzy. Sometimes I get a lil obsessive...not ashamed. Bethany texted me the picture of the Lone Star State polishes and told me I needed them. Obvi I agreed 100%. Then I went online to see what the colors were and there was one called "It's totally Fort Worth it". That's where I lived! Fort Worth, TX! EEEEEE! Must have.

So I went to a beauty supply store directly across the street from my front door and there I beheld every OPI nail polish color dollars each!!!! glorious day. But there were a million boxes in front of the OPI collections and they told me the Texas collection hadn't been shelved yet so I would have to come back. So better believe I went back today {right after the dirty grocery store} and they still weren't shelved so I sat on the dirty floor and searched through all the little boxes for at least the Fort Worth one. AND I FOUND IT! Along with two other colors that made me happy for spring. what a victory. It doesn't take much my friends...not much at all.

And now my collection is well on it's way. proud to have these beauts in my possession...

{Do you Lilac it?- It's totally Fort Worth it- Bubble Bath}


  1. stoppppppppp!!! you did NOT have a pig collection. I HAD A PIG COLLECTION!!!!! it now currently resides in 5-yes-FIVE black garbage bags in my parents' basement. HILARRRR

  2. Those colors are gorgeous! I particularly love that middle/gray shade. Yummmm (as in "that is so cute it's delicious," not "I want to eat it")



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