Sunday, March 6, 2011


just a bunch o' lil VIDEO CLIPSSSSS!!!! I love watching vids and I would do a lot more for the blog if I had a better vid cam than my cell phone. horrrrrib quality. But I just realized how ridiculous and hilarious we get when we're playing with our pup. so I'm sharing these mugs.

My two guys are BFFs. Its like a little hug for my heart everytime I watch them play. This is their fave thing to do. When Chris walks into the room with his Seahawks hoodie on...Hooshie knows it's on and gets so excited.

This clip is from today. Nothin really happenin but I think its cute how Hooshie always sits right under Chris' hand when he's eating in case something just might drop. And it did...

I told Chris he needs to get the pup wild so I could get a cute video of them going crazy. But hoo was not feeling it.

cute boys. Chu & Hoo ♥

& here I am being absurd. I had a lot of energy built up..what can I say? i love us.


  1. you all are freaks....can I play?

  2. lucy just thinks you two are strange...poor hooshie


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