Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doggie duties

The Hoosh Poop has had an eventful past week.

First he discovered his passion in life. He's jumpin on the 'Im-stickin-my-head-out-the-window-with-the-wind-on-my-face-and-my-tounge-hanging-out-like-I-don't-care' bandwagon. He is completely obsessed with it. In fact, he wants more and more wind so he gets as close as he can to the front of the window and is on his tippy toes on the very edge of my knee. Its scary. but he is workin hard at perfecting it. He'll be doin it til he retires at age 15. hahaha.

next the hooshernut squash had a play date! he's getting pretty popular. A friend of mine brought her two baby shih-tzus over. And the three of them played for hours....so cute. is there another word you can use when there are puppies around? neg. i prob said cute at least 4 billion times that day.

{KC, Cesar, Hoosh}

AND THEN the hooshington post was injured.waaah. he was out on the balcony with me and suddenly started yelping like a wannie. we think he got stung by a bee on his paw and it broke our hearts in half. limping and everything. we made a wet washcloth wrap for his arm and he milked all the pampering as long as he could....so about 2 days. little divo {that's diva for a boy}. But he's our child so its all good ;)

{geez my husb is tan & hot. see hoo's little cast?}

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