Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I graduated from DA school! Hallelujah!!!! sunshine, rainbows, birds playing the strings and happy balloons full of hot helium!!! Hello free weekends and late nights where I don't have to study and I get to drink rooster boosters and watch reality tv and text people back after 9 pm!! feels great. And I officially turned down the first Dental office I had a working interview at. I'm bouta take it easy...enjoy not being incredibly busy and find a good situation/career for myself at a place that I WANT to work. lovely Lillis.

But I wanted to share this camera phone pic from the lil grad ceremony we had at the dentist office/school. Each person took a pic with the dentist and our teacher. Just the three of us...standing in a lil line in front of all the guests watching. I am not comfortable in a pic unless I have a hand on my hip and am turned to my good side. so I just turned my right leg a lil so I didn't look like a soldier standing there & that is why it's extra-awk. Hahaha!

I got a massage straight away after grad. congratulating myself. fantast jump off to the birthday weekend.

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  1. Did I mention how proud I am of you? Just get that stuff done... youre amazing!


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