Friday, March 4, 2011

i wanna be 4

So the lil "i'm-sometimes-cute-and-funny-but-mostly-hyperactive-and-rowdy" PB boy I get to play with during the week has everything he wants and more. Today we went to ride bikes outside. And by ride bikes I mean he picks out one of his 50 vehicles to ride and rides around the cul-de-sac 153 times while I stand in the sun with the 20 pound baby on my hip trying to suck on my J. Crew necklace...and everytime PB comes back around to where I'm standing he waves and laughs his head off...and if I look away for any percentage of a second he screams "WISSSSSSA watch me"!!!!!!

I made the mistake of taking a picture while he was driving around in his mini Escalade. Then he tells me "I need to get out all my rides and take a picture". Suddenly it turns into Cribs {you know the part where they show you all their cars, motorcycles, etc}: 4 year old edition. It takes like 20 mins and he gets out all his "rides" and lines them up perfectly so I can take a pic. It was then that I had a reality moment and thought...when I was 4 I think I probably made an imaginary car out of a cardboard box and a couple of milk cartons to play with...and even then I probably got it taken away from me from my 2 older sisters and was forced to watch them play with it while I was stuck imagining I had some crayons and paper to draw imaginary pictures with {JK MOM....jk, ok?}. I'm totally making that up of course because I have no memories from when I was 4. But it had to be something like that. I just know that I wasn't linin up all my "rides" and choosin between a Cady and a 4 wheeler. it's changed.

These are just his "front yard vehicles".....hahaha....lil PB.

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  1. I probably drew you pictures of bikes you could save up for with your $5 activity money


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