Thursday, March 3, 2011

just fyi...

so I have never really cared about germs before. I mean I obvi wash my hands and change the sheets and squat in public restrooms...stuff like that. Im not a cavewoman. But now I carry anti-bac, disinfect everything, and i'm probably gonna start changing our pillowcases DAILY. My newfoundlove of killing {just germs..not peeps} probably started cause my DA teacher told us that if you floss your teeth then put the floss under a microscope then you can see bugs wriggling around like they were having a dance party on your tartar buildup. Not happening. its just not. THEN I got this info from Regis and Kelly this morning.

ready for this? I dont think anyone can actually be ready...but we'll see.

A study just found that grocery cart handles are dirtier than TOILETS. More specifically, they found more FECAL bacteria on grocery store handles than in public restrooms!!!! FECAL. that means poop.

They tested handles in grocery stores in 4 different states and found 72% of them contained fecal matter and half of them contained e-coli bacteria! i'm gagging. do you realize that means if you were dared to lick a grocery store handle for $20 and its like "sure I'll do that...for $ problem..I'll just buy myself some mouthwash with my winnings"...then you might as well just stick your head into a toilet after Doodoo Decaying Diana just walked out of the stall. it's just disturbing.

AND this study was taken by...of course...the University of Arizona. too close to home for comfort.

you're welcome for ruining your lunch. now go wash your hands.


  1. sick! that grosses me out like none other! sometimes i wash the handles but usually it is a MUST. thats freakin nasty.

  2. just left the grocery store, got to my car, and popped a few chips in my mouth....i'll go throw up now.

  3. please..........tell me the Poop Carts weren't at Target......PLEASE!

  4. that is seriously so gross. it makes me want to like tripple wash my fruit or something.

  5. fyi, unless you close the lid on your toilet when you flush, fecal matter can be found around most of your bathroom too...including your toothbrush if it sits out on the counter. The flushing creates an aerosol that travels several feet. Think happy thoughts~


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