Monday, March 28, 2011

major LEAGUE baseball

Chris and I met up with the Boudys {Mel, Brand & Brax} to go to a MLB spring training game taday!! The overachieving sun was scorchin but the overall experience was pretty coo. We decided to go to the Mariners/Rockies game & I didn't have any Mariners merch so I wore my sweet shirt with the state of Washington on it and my Texas Rangers hat {the Rang's were playing not too far away so it's legit}.

It's no secret that I get a tad starstruck around any pro athletes {ie...the post about the Suns game}...this doesn't really happen with celebs...just athletes {ok both}. And we happened to sit on the lawn right next to the bullpen. And there happened to be players warming up. And I happened to mention that I like the guy with the fauxhawk cuz he looked edgy..and deemed him my new favorite player on the spot. Because that's how I pick favorite players...I don't have to actually watch them play to be my fave. LEAGUE was his name...Brandon League. A lil while later we were getting ready to leave and I was standing watching the players and LEAGUE looked up at me and just stared at me for a sec so I waved to see if it was indeed me he was looking at or the couple of kids around me and he {ready for this?} waved back...looked away....then looked back up...did a lil head 'what up' thing...then flashed me a smile and just about blinded me with his pearlies. EGAAAAK!

I got so excited that I went back to Chris and told him all bout it with my starstruck eyes....I told him that I'm sorry but League just fell in love with me....I can't help what pro athletes I make fall in love with me. and Mel could totally back me up because he was looking for me after I walked away. this isn't just happening in my head ok???

So now Chris is happy {slash} jealous because now I am a Mariner's fan {slash} I have a fake crush on faux-hawked white toothed League. I told him not to worry...we're both married...and it was only a wave and a smile....but I am still getting a League jersey :):):) Hahaha!

grrrr...I don't have any pics from the game...gotta get those from the Bouds...just that one up there from before the game...I felt bad we were leaving the lil H all day so I gave him some shug.

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  1. thanks for the follow, glad you found me through L's blog leather&lace! i love your blog and am so glad to have found it. Your stories are entertaining, i love this story & giggled when you said that League just fell in love with you.. hehehe! looking forward to more posts.


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