Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh my lucky cloves

All day long on the famous green St. Pat's day I tried to talk in an Irish accent....but it would only last for about half a sentence and then... I would turn into a pirate. Somethin like... top o' the mornin to ya..scurry ya wee bum in here and get a taste o' the corned beef orrrrrr else yer be walkin the plank..savvy? I don't know if any of that was actually Irish or pirate sounding but that's how it came out. I need to work on that since I am so irish judging by my skin and dead on accent.

So I'm thinkin I definitely wanna carry on the St. Patrick's traddies I had growing up....candy all over the house, green freckles, everything misplaced from the Leprechauns visit and all kinds of likeminded madness. But since these traditions would not have the same affect with two adults...we'll wait on those.

So I just decided to attempt to make a greenish dinner. It was both amazing and disgusting. Amazing because it was all green and was actual corned beef and disgusting because it was corned beef and did not taste good. Its a big hunka beef boiling away in its own drippings with something that smells like Christmas wassail seasoning it. Just not my cup o'tea. But it was very green and the rolo cookies were delect. So I'm happy. Happy late St. P's dia. pinch pinch pinch ya grinches.

Who wants an awkward picture of our dinner? I just have an urge to show everyone the green wonders that we sent down our tubes....

Pet me I'm Irish!!! get it get it?!? Like the 'Kiss me I'm Irish'! what a hoot.


  1. You guys are just entirely too adorable! Love!

  2. Cute blog! I absolutely adore your pooch. So darling.

  3. Laughed out loud! and refused to write lol cause its so teeny bopper... I didnt do anything green and I feel ashamed to call my self white/red skinned and freckled... I should have at least chugged a green beer in true Irish tradition...


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