Wednesday, March 23, 2011

twenty something

This picture was taken on my 2010 birthday in Washington....

And this pic was taken on my 2011 birthday in the EXACT same position ...makes me gig...

We're all so grown up!!! Older and wiser...and stronger... and less hairy. haha. larve luv love!

So I mentioned what everyone that's away from me did but need to mention what my lil family that is here did with me. My husnand made my birthday celebrating so much fun! bathed me in prezzies. took me to another new eat spot. took me to the ultimate mall in Scottsdale {gasp!}. took me to the duck pond so we could laugh at the little hooie try to chase the quakers. and took me to cinemas to watch Brad Coop use his whole brain for 2 hours. it was exactly what I wanted and it was awesome. am I bragging again? sorry..gotta work on that. sike. no chance.

{I made these cupcakes just because I found these candles that have colorful flames! can't quite tell but the flame is whatever color the candle is. obviously extremely exciting!! haha!}

{toasting with Maddog and Chris to end the day and weekend..using my birthday girl glass!}

germs, love and smoothies to all!!!


  1. I love how creative your use of words is!1 And "Melissa day" seemed like a blast for you!! (that's your birthday if you didn't get that) and on your other post you should have put the text about the birth process on there haha! that was my fave(: But the shortest midget was good too(:

  2. Looks like your birthday was lovely :) Thanks for you sweet thought on my blog! I am from AZ but currently live in ID. anddd fyi your wedding photos on the side, your dress is SO cute! Holy moley, miss. Love itttt


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