Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have a Doppelganger. I like to believe that I don't. That I am just a true individual only looking like myself. But the general population seems to agree that I do. I have been told this by numerous strangers in various regions of the country so I am forced to believe it. rude.

Normally I like when strangers talk to me.. or to any other strangers for that matter. Especially when they think they know you and you know for a fact that they don't because you're at a gas station in the middle of the ghetto in Laramie Wyoming. But they insist they do so they just squint and stare at your face. I think that's hilarious. BUT there is nothing like a million people telling you that you look JUST LIKE a celebrity...and you happen to not be a big fan of that particular person.

So the other day Chris and I were at Scottsdale H&M and a very enthusiastic young man behind the register calls me to come check out...I haven't even gotten to the register yet when he bursts out "omg has anyone ever told you that you look JUST LIKE Ali Larter? I actually thought you were her when I saw you standing in line. It's crazy. JUST LIKE her". what are you s'pose to say to that?

That up there is Ali Larter...the girl from Heroes and Obsessed and Varsity Blues and most importantly, the reason I just don't love being compared to her, Legally Blonde. I anyone a big fan of her in that movie? no. She's always kinda slutty. I dunno I guess it could be worse. tell me. I do love me a good doppelganger...when it looks like someone else.

Here we are. Ali and me. I actually tried to find pics that looked alike. I see it...a wee li'l bit...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sparkles the headband

I really like my kindof new headband. Wore that bling blinger and felt half-royal half-blitzkrieg and half-teenbop. And obvi three halves make a Melissa. I tried to get some good pics of it to showboat but this is what happens when you ask the photog for an upclose shot of the band...

Hahahaha! I think someone was a little more interested in the tangerine-like color of the sky than my face. But with the way my eyes are looking {exorcist like..if you couldn't tell} if the mouth would've been in there then I almost would expect to see bloody fangs hangin out. pity.

So...I got a package today from my BFIH that I haven't seen in person in 2 1/2 years...AlyPopSnot! Love those unexpected mail guys. And for some reason whoever the pers was that delivered it to my door put it under my doormat. Haha. Wish I snapped a pic. Because I walk up and see my doormat with a huge lump under it...when it very easily could've just sat on top. thanks I guess.

So hennyvay...such a kind package with goodies inside including another OPI Texas collection nail polish! Now I am fully inspired to create my OPI nail polish shelf that I have been planning on for the bathroom of our new house we will be moving into in just one month!!! This shade is called "Don't mess with OPI" get "Don't Mess with Texas" {for any non Texans that just wouldn't understand}. And it was sent from the land of Texas which makes it that much more legit...and really if I need to keep going... it was actually sent from the Texas Rangers Ballpark office where she works so now I feel so cool and important like Josh Hamilton himself sent it to me. Love and thanks and see you in 2 1/2 weeks a.p.s.

And I have another very very exciting surprise arriving from Texas next week! I'm so excited I could burst. But its a secret so I will just say...that....It's bigger than a salted peanut but smaller than an all-glass skyscraper. That's the only hint I can give at this time. That'll do.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eastage= Easter Package!!!

{posing with our Eastage contents. very cheesy and completely necessary}

wh ca i en sy. I obvi can't even form words...out of intense excitement!!! yesterday was package day which is pretty much a holiday in and of our house. Like hold the phone and lock the door...because this a big deal. This holiday package {fresh from my MIL's house in Marysville, WA} was......i mean...I can't even explain because it's just too much. I will just say that it was an 18 pound package FULL of unbelievable easter love. So many cute, thoughtful, funny and awesome things. A baby chick that poops candy, choco covered oreos, bunny salt and pep shakers, there was just so much to explore and obsess over...ALL either Easter themed or Easter colored...and I love me a theme... let's just let the phots explain the happiness...

{huge heavy guy. i couldn't wait to see what was inside...i had to wait all day!!!}

{H immediately started searching for his toy}

{we literally spent 2 hours taking everthing out one-by-one then setting it up for the traditional package photo. my fave is the hand-sani wipes. anything anti-bac these days}

{peas and carrots shaped jellies!!! so cute!}

{everything is so personalized...perfect items for each of us to love!}

{THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! you really outdid yourself}

Friday, April 8, 2011

and why?

I feel...bussy {that's bugged and fussy}. I try my darndest to stay positive. But some people just bug....especially when I'm irritable. So today my bussy-ness was caused by the inconsiderate idies in the grocer. I'm not complaining mind you..............just making fun of people.

JUST riddle me this....what the heck is with the people who have an entire grocery cart jam packed and overflowing getting in the SELF-CHECK lanes? I make no sense people. You bug and make me wanna delete you from my life and act like you don't exist...kinda like how I feel bout Maggie Gyllenhaal {and why the heck was she chosen to play the girl in Batman?..I'll never get over that}

Every single time I am walking down to the self check because there are 48 people in every other line with full carts and I only have bananas and golden wrapped bars of heaven...a.k.a twix {& maybe some choco milk} and I see that there is only one self-check lane open...and there is one of those full cart peeps at it....I literally clench my teeth in frustration like my Dad used to do right before he would start grounding us. But I am not allowed to ground strangers. At least that's what my social skills tell me. How funny would that be if I tried to though. Hahaha.

So I lecture them in my head instead. Something like...'how are you just gonna have 100 items and 2 toddlers with you and get in the self check just because its the shortest line...but it takes you 500 years longer than it would to wait in the normal line and have someone do all that work for you because you're spending more time yelling at the kids to stay instead of scanning your tings?' And then laugh at myself and stand in line for 6 hours.

I'm over it now... I just came home and rediscovered my webcam...and found out the way that I pose with 2 bites of a Twix and a hornet's nest bun on my head. i need a massage. wahpaah!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blooming Love

My love and I had the superb opportunity to be models for two girls and their cameras. These two girls I speak of have come together to start their very own wedding photography business. It is called Blooming Love Photography and it is going to be just fantastic! they had Chris and I model for them in our wedding attire. Thank goodness we still fit into those never know. It was a jolly good time at a gorgeous location.

So they just launched their website....and if anyone wantsta check out the pictures and/or the business then go riiiiiiiight HERE. Our pictures are mostly under the wedding and bridals tabs. And if you are in Arizona and need a photographer...these two girls are sweet, fun, passionate and your shoot with them would be just DE...wait for it....LIGHTFUL. delightful!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

shoot dang

This is me wearing clothes. I mean...thank goodness I'm wearing clothes..but that's the point of this post. I WAS gonna do my first outfit post. But we went to take pictures at the worst time of day so I'm all shadowy and you can't see any of the details and the sun was in my eyes and I was ornery. so this is what I got. can't tell but the jeans are black, the boots are brown, the shirt is cream and the necklaces are the but you cant see them. you're welcome.

I feel like I am dressed like a wannabe country singer. like Julianne Hough perhaps...from dancing with the stars. you know the one who is on the proactiv commercials? she is trying to be a country music star. and that's what i feel like. and i use proactiv. so I actually am julianne hough. nice to meet you.

That bottom right pic is my favorite one. I think my face doesn't look like mine and i love it. There's nothin better than looking at a picture of yourself and feeling like you're looking at a stranger. It confuses me and I feel weird and its a thrill of sorts.

ALSO, I took a lil trip today. A cyber trip right over to THIS blog to do a guest post! It includes my Easter wreath and it's on my sister Kimber's blog. Just for chips and giggles. check it out and comment and follow her blog. she likes that. ♥

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doggie duties

The Hoosh Poop has had an eventful past week.

First he discovered his passion in life. He's jumpin on the 'Im-stickin-my-head-out-the-window-with-the-wind-on-my-face-and-my-tounge-hanging-out-like-I-don't-care' bandwagon. He is completely obsessed with it. In fact, he wants more and more wind so he gets as close as he can to the front of the window and is on his tippy toes on the very edge of my knee. Its scary. but he is workin hard at perfecting it. He'll be doin it til he retires at age 15. hahaha.

next the hooshernut squash had a play date! he's getting pretty popular. A friend of mine brought her two baby shih-tzus over. And the three of them played for cute. is there another word you can use when there are puppies around? neg. i prob said cute at least 4 billion times that day.

{KC, Cesar, Hoosh}

AND THEN the hooshington post was injured.waaah. he was out on the balcony with me and suddenly started yelping like a wannie. we think he got stung by a bee on his paw and it broke our hearts in half. limping and everything. we made a wet washcloth wrap for his arm and he milked all the pampering as long as he about 2 days. little divo {that's diva for a boy}. But he's our child so its all good ;)

{geez my husb is tan & hot. see hoo's little cast?}

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Our change addiction has struck again. Rude but necessary. So........we sold Mellow today! Mellow-our beloved white trailblazer who was our very first purchase togeth as a couple. We bought the mondo blaze less than a month before we were married. I drove to our wedding ceremony in it. We made 4 moves with Mellow. Drove the deathly 24 hours from Washington to Arizona in him. He got us through Rexburg blizzards and Wash rainstorms. This is the car I drove to buy our pup Hooshie and take him on his first car ride ever. The car I drove all the kiddies I nannied around in and they would see a ghost in the backseat on a regualr basis....{thats for real}...maybe we should've told the buyers that he's haunted.... oh well.

And all that schtuff is just the tip top of the iceburg. We name and get attached to all of our possessions. Cars more than anything. much can happen in 2 years 4 months.

This pic is when we just bought Mellow...Dec 2008...Bothell, WA. Waaaah. We'll miss ya Mell.

Upward and onward! Now comes the fun part...on the lookout for a new ride. yss!