Friday, April 8, 2011

and why?

I feel...bussy {that's bugged and fussy}. I try my darndest to stay positive. But some people just bug....especially when I'm irritable. So today my bussy-ness was caused by the inconsiderate idies in the grocer. I'm not complaining mind you..............just making fun of people.

JUST riddle me this....what the heck is with the people who have an entire grocery cart jam packed and overflowing getting in the SELF-CHECK lanes? I make no sense people. You bug and make me wanna delete you from my life and act like you don't exist...kinda like how I feel bout Maggie Gyllenhaal {and why the heck was she chosen to play the girl in Batman?..I'll never get over that}

Every single time I am walking down to the self check because there are 48 people in every other line with full carts and I only have bananas and golden wrapped bars of heaven...a.k.a twix {& maybe some choco milk} and I see that there is only one self-check lane open...and there is one of those full cart peeps at it....I literally clench my teeth in frustration like my Dad used to do right before he would start grounding us. But I am not allowed to ground strangers. At least that's what my social skills tell me. How funny would that be if I tried to though. Hahaha.

So I lecture them in my head instead. Something like...'how are you just gonna have 100 items and 2 toddlers with you and get in the self check just because its the shortest line...but it takes you 500 years longer than it would to wait in the normal line and have someone do all that work for you because you're spending more time yelling at the kids to stay instead of scanning your tings?' And then laugh at myself and stand in line for 6 hours.

I'm over it now... I just came home and rediscovered my webcam...and found out the way that I pose with 2 bites of a Twix and a hornet's nest bun on my head. i need a massage. wahpaah!


  1. AMEN!!! next time you should just start know like dad did...that's one day, that's two.

  2. hahah you may have noticed I take ALL my pictures with a webcam. I think they are truly fab.

    Couldn't agree more with you about those mis-users of the self check out.... I truly do not get it. I also am very aware of other people at all times, and doing something like that would make me soo self conscious I'd never be able to go through with it!


  3. oh gosh melissa! you stinking crack me up...totally agree but you just made my life with that story! hahaha

    good choice with dem twix-n-choco milk!

  4. i now have an image of you grounding a stranger. awesome.


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