Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blooming Love

My love and I had the superb opportunity to be models for two girls and their cameras. These two girls I speak of have come together to start their very own wedding photography business. It is called Blooming Love Photography and it is going to be just fantastic! they had Chris and I model for them in our wedding attire. Thank goodness we still fit into those never know. It was a jolly good time at a gorgeous location.

So they just launched their website....and if anyone wantsta check out the pictures and/or the business then go riiiiiiiight HERE. Our pictures are mostly under the wedding and bridals tabs. And if you are in Arizona and need a photographer...these two girls are sweet, fun, passionate and your shoot with them would be just DE...wait for it....LIGHTFUL. delightful!


  1. absolutely going to check out those pictures right now!
    You are gorgeous and kudos on still rocking that dress!


  2. beautiful! you are actually a professional model... you should pursue that...


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