Saturday, April 2, 2011


Our change addiction has struck again. Rude but necessary. So........we sold Mellow today! Mellow-our beloved white trailblazer who was our very first purchase togeth as a couple. We bought the mondo blaze less than a month before we were married. I drove to our wedding ceremony in it. We made 4 moves with Mellow. Drove the deathly 24 hours from Washington to Arizona in him. He got us through Rexburg blizzards and Wash rainstorms. This is the car I drove to buy our pup Hooshie and take him on his first car ride ever. The car I drove all the kiddies I nannied around in and they would see a ghost in the backseat on a regualr basis....{thats for real}...maybe we should've told the buyers that he's haunted.... oh well.

And all that schtuff is just the tip top of the iceburg. We name and get attached to all of our possessions. Cars more than anything. much can happen in 2 years 4 months.

This pic is when we just bought Mellow...Dec 2008...Bothell, WA. Waaaah. We'll miss ya Mell.

Upward and onward! Now comes the fun part...on the lookout for a new ride. yss!

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  1. you should never name these get so attached....good bye mellow......


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