Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have a Doppelganger. I like to believe that I don't. That I am just a true individual only looking like myself. But the general population seems to agree that I do. I have been told this by numerous strangers in various regions of the country so I am forced to believe it. rude.

Normally I like when strangers talk to me.. or to any other strangers for that matter. Especially when they think they know you and you know for a fact that they don't because you're at a gas station in the middle of the ghetto in Laramie Wyoming. But they insist they do so they just squint and stare at your face. I think that's hilarious. BUT there is nothing like a million people telling you that you look JUST LIKE a celebrity...and you happen to not be a big fan of that particular person.

So the other day Chris and I were at Scottsdale H&M and a very enthusiastic young man behind the register calls me to come check out...I haven't even gotten to the register yet when he bursts out "omg has anyone ever told you that you look JUST LIKE Ali Larter? I actually thought you were her when I saw you standing in line. It's crazy. JUST LIKE her". what are you s'pose to say to that?

That up there is Ali Larter...the girl from Heroes and Obsessed and Varsity Blues and most importantly, the reason I just don't love being compared to her, Legally Blonde. I anyone a big fan of her in that movie? no. She's always kinda slutty. I dunno I guess it could be worse. tell me. I do love me a good doppelganger...when it looks like someone else.

Here we are. Ali and me. I actually tried to find pics that looked alike. I see it...a wee li'l bit...


  1. don't hate me... but you do look like here! betcha in real life she's a cool chick... although that one movie where she tries to steal Beyonce's hubs... well she is just bat sh** crazy in that!

    oh and funny scottsdale mall story... in the men's section of Nordstrom, I saw a guy who had recently been kicked off AI (years ago now) and there was some scandal about him working at a gay bar. I take this as an opportunity to scream at my bf "OH MY GOSH! THAT'S THAT GUY FROM AMERICAN IDOL!" He was talking to a friend and they both bolted out of the men's section.

    embarrassing girlfriend... party of one.


  2. She has quinty eyes and her teeth are too big... but yes she has blonde hair, other than that no resemblance... its better than people saying I look like lindsey lohan... yuck! someone actually asked for my autograph cause they thought i was her... no thank you!

  3. ok that second picture looks like a totally different person than the obsessed chick. had no clue she was in legally blonde lol You are prettier than her, but yes the hair is the same ;)


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