Saturday, April 9, 2011

Eastage= Easter Package!!!

{posing with our Eastage contents. very cheesy and completely necessary}

wh ca i en sy. I obvi can't even form words...out of intense excitement!!! yesterday was package day which is pretty much a holiday in and of our house. Like hold the phone and lock the door...because this a big deal. This holiday package {fresh from my MIL's house in Marysville, WA} was......i mean...I can't even explain because it's just too much. I will just say that it was an 18 pound package FULL of unbelievable easter love. So many cute, thoughtful, funny and awesome things. A baby chick that poops candy, choco covered oreos, bunny salt and pep shakers, there was just so much to explore and obsess over...ALL either Easter themed or Easter colored...and I love me a theme... let's just let the phots explain the happiness...

{huge heavy guy. i couldn't wait to see what was inside...i had to wait all day!!!}

{H immediately started searching for his toy}

{we literally spent 2 hours taking everthing out one-by-one then setting it up for the traditional package photo. my fave is the hand-sani wipes. anything anti-bac these days}

{peas and carrots shaped jellies!!! so cute!}

{everything is so personalized...perfect items for each of us to love!}

{THANK YOU MICHELLE!!! you really outdid yourself}


  1. Eastage... wreathster... you are on a roll!

  2. aww that is the best Easter package I have EVER seen!

    If you want to get some of that candy off your hands, I know a girl in MD who would love some : )

    A puppy toy too?! amazing! if we got a package that big and didn't have a toy for our dog, I'm sure he'd disown us.



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