Wednesday, April 6, 2011

shoot dang

This is me wearing clothes. I mean...thank goodness I'm wearing clothes..but that's the point of this post. I WAS gonna do my first outfit post. But we went to take pictures at the worst time of day so I'm all shadowy and you can't see any of the details and the sun was in my eyes and I was ornery. so this is what I got. can't tell but the jeans are black, the boots are brown, the shirt is cream and the necklaces are the but you cant see them. you're welcome.

I feel like I am dressed like a wannabe country singer. like Julianne Hough perhaps...from dancing with the stars. you know the one who is on the proactiv commercials? she is trying to be a country music star. and that's what i feel like. and i use proactiv. so I actually am julianne hough. nice to meet you.

That bottom right pic is my favorite one. I think my face doesn't look like mine and i love it. There's nothin better than looking at a picture of yourself and feeling like you're looking at a stranger. It confuses me and I feel weird and its a thrill of sorts.

ALSO, I took a lil trip today. A cyber trip right over to THIS blog to do a guest post! It includes my Easter wreath and it's on my sister Kimber's blog. Just for chips and giggles. check it out and comment and follow her blog. she likes that. ♥


  1. yaya!!! i have always thoguht that you should start a fashion/outfit/etc. blog. i think this outfit is so cute!

  2. exactly... love those boots AND id like to see the necklaces that youre wearing... and youre way cuter and less sluttier than Julianne Hough... did you know she's mormon?

  3. Thank you for such a sweet comment! Your blog is great, love your blouse.

  4. thanks for the follow pretty girl! following you now! :)

    I love the pics of you and that outfit? TO DIE FOR. You do look like Julianne Hough here

    i love that you said chips and giggles..i might steal that saying


  5. Beautiful pictures! Your hair looks great:-) Ha. Chips and giggles. You are too cute! xoxo

  6. I'm taking credit for your cuteness......and the wreathster is adorable and I love that you name are the bomb...I miss you everyday

  7. hey hun! your blog is so cute! I'm following now!
    also my tweet name is @rissytalks!


  8. Hey gorgeous! Love that blouse, ruffles make it so girly and chic, I'm so jealous of hair it's amazing! Last picture is in deed beautiful, that is funny about blogging getting to see pictures and say, is that really me? you are so prety anyways! ... Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, I do live in Mexico, visiting any soon?

    Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries


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