Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sparkles the headband

I really like my kindof new headband. Wore that bling blinger and felt half-royal half-blitzkrieg and half-teenbop. And obvi three halves make a Melissa. I tried to get some good pics of it to showboat but this is what happens when you ask the photog for an upclose shot of the band...

Hahahaha! I think someone was a little more interested in the tangerine-like color of the sky than my face. But with the way my eyes are looking {exorcist like..if you couldn't tell} if the mouth would've been in there then I almost would expect to see bloody fangs hangin out. pity.

So...I got a package today from my BFIH that I haven't seen in person in 2 1/2 years...AlyPopSnot! Love those unexpected mail guys. And for some reason whoever the pers was that delivered it to my door put it under my doormat. Haha. Wish I snapped a pic. Because I walk up and see my doormat with a huge lump under it...when it very easily could've just sat on top. thanks I guess.

So hennyvay...such a kind package with goodies inside including another OPI Texas collection nail polish! Now I am fully inspired to create my OPI nail polish shelf that I have been planning on for the bathroom of our new house we will be moving into in just one month!!! This shade is called "Don't mess with OPI" get it...like "Don't Mess with Texas" {for any non Texans that just wouldn't understand}. And it was sent from the land of Texas which makes it that much more legit...and really if I need to keep going... it was actually sent from the Texas Rangers Ballpark office where she works so now I feel so cool and important like Josh Hamilton himself sent it to me. Love and thanks and see you in 2 1/2 weeks a.p.s.

And I have another very very exciting surprise arriving from Texas next week! I'm so excited I could burst. But its a secret so I will just say...that....It's bigger than a salted peanut but smaller than an all-glass skyscraper. That's the only hint I can give at this time. That'll do.


  1. If its what I think it is and its next week then I am COMING NMW!
    can I get a peek of that color BTW?

  2. I love the knot on your head...it is so chique.


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