Monday, May 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

This past weekend we flew over to good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma for the royal wedding of my best Colette to her love {Dr.}Erik Martin. It was royal because it was beautiful and luscious and perfect. And because it took place in a huge and gorgeous backyard. And because I teared up watching all my beautiful friends walk down the aisle. And because the food was deliciously fit for a Queen {mini pork sammies and crab cakes were the faves}. And because Colette's fun relatives, with accents that sound like Rihanna {jeal}, wore adorable stylish hats much better than the fug ones at the legit royal wedding. And because they had adorable details down to the love note tree, to the folding fans for the ladies to be cool waiting outside for the ceremony, to the cakeinabox party favors. And because the dance floor was filled with tipsy slash drunk guests doing the stanky leg. hahaha. And because I totally predicted that someone would end up in the amazing infinity pool by the end of the night and sure enough the bride's bro came walking into the hotel soaking wet with his pant legs rolled up and a huge smile on his face! And because I love everyone from Texas and Oklahoma because they're just the best and most fun people...and I miss them all.

I think this turned from why it was royal to why I loved being there. perfect. But it really was royal. And I really did love being there. So it's fitting.

And to add...I loved that Chris got to meet all my favorite friends that he's never met and that I haven't seen in years....and I got to meet their husbands and boyfriends. And I got to see members of my BF's families that I consider my second families growing up {hi Sylvia...i love that you read my blog!}. SO MUCH LOVE.

We had never been to Tulsa and the city in itself was...humid and interesting and Oklahoman. And it did the least pleasant thing to my hair. But we had an awesome 24 hours in that place. Happy life to you Colette and Erik!

Just lovely.

Cake and toasting and love.

I would never-in-a-mil post this pic if it wasn't the only one I got of me and the royal bride...but it deal with that hair. It was curled hours before. pitiful next to the radiant beaut.

happily hayes.

Stanky leg dancin. Yesss! I can't get over it. Best ever.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feather fad in my ears

Something I don't necessarily adore about myself is that I am a total sucker for fads. Maybe not total but I do give in once in a blue moon {aka..whenever a new fad comes out}. I don't know how the trendsetters do it {i gotta sign up to be one of those}. Something starts getting popular and suddenly that is everyone's favorite thing...except they didn't realize that it's their favorite thing BECAUSE it's everywhere. For examp: extreme ripped jeans, WWJD bracelets, the Avril Lavigne tie thing, trucker hats, flare jeans...etcetcetc. There's millions. But we gotta love em...they make the world go round.

So a fad right now is feathers. And I think of Indians whenever I see them. That or hippies...sometimes birds. But I a true follower....think they're cool and cute and fun. Hence the earrings....

Try a fad today...what should we bring back....POGS?!?!

laundry piles

I'm a mean and rude pupper mother. Each and every single time I pull fresh laundry out of the dryer I drop the pile on the living room floor {so I can watch my DVR'ed Ellens while folding..obvi}. And every time I drop it on the floor lil poopie pooshie comes running out of the limberlost to lay on the plump pile for an afternoon nappy. And every time he approaches the pile he carefully reviews the newly cleaned items for his favorite "Icouldtakeanaponthat" piece and then plops right on down and settles in for life. And that's where I step in and pull it right out from under him and fold it acting like I didn't notice the clothing was occupied. Hahahahahaha...{no one is laughing with me...}. Then he stares at me for 10 seconds like "what the hello are you doing you human". He then seeks out his second favorite swatch until I promptly steal that one and it goes in the folded pile. And so on and so forth.

The mean and rudely part is that I leave the teenie tiniest item for very last because I think it is the most hilarious thing of my afternoon {even more hilar than ellen} to see him try to get comft on an uncomft tiny item. He just wants to be on something so badly that he tries to curl up and get his 8 pound body all comfy on something way smaller than him.... like a puma sock or a miniature makeup-stained washcloth or occasionally one of my cloth headbands that I am washing because Hooshie previously had gotten ahold of it and I didn't want to put something in my hair that now has a dollop of dog slobber germs on it. I guess I still come in last place because even though I got my amusement...I end up with my all my clean laundry items having doggie "I-probably-just-rolled-in-the-dog-pee-filled-grass-outside" hair germs on them. I always lose. At least I get a laugh. Worth it.

Poor yittle yoy. Has no idear what's comin for him....even though he should because I most likely did it a couple days before. Learn from experiences little'll thank me once you meet the bullies in high school and you've already been toughened up.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Bach-ette!

I had a bad weekend. Bad. But Monday night has fully made up for it. Fully. The MAVS made the greatest fourth quarter comeback and my boy Dirk just continues to prove himself. THEN we kicked back with some Salt & Vinegar chips {best things to ever happen to the world btw} to watch the new season of the Bachelorette. Yes it was lots of TV time. And it was just what we needed.

I get extremely into the Bachelorette. Who doesn't love to analyze relationships and get entertainment from their awkwardness? I know I surely do. So let me just say that I was puh-ritty disappointed when I found out it was Ashley from last season. After watching tonight she still bugs and she reminds me of a chatty lil fieldmouse but I will prob still find enjoyment in viewing the dating happenings. no biggie lil your thing.

Here are my first night notes and totes:

First. Was it just me or did I see three of the same guy get out of the limos? And all three of those guys happened to look like Josh Groban. How many Josh Grobans can you have in one season. The answer is three apparently. And yes I am only saying they look alike because they all had longish hair. I have no real reasons to back me up.

B. I was so excited and couldn't wait to see Ash's reaction to meeting Bentley {the 'wrong reasons' guy} and it total let me down. Slap the guy or make him feel like an idiot with your words. Don't just give a lil side smirk saying 'I am disappointed in you Mr'. failed reaction fieldmouse.

Tres. Call me cheeselover but I thought the pink dental floss ring was clever and practically perfect in every way. Just cute. But I can't even remember what guy did that so I guess it didn't work like it was supposed to.

4th. Mr. Masky Masquerade. If you're gonna wear a mask then make it a mysterious sexy one. Like from the phantom of the opera. Not a big clunky one with designs on it. I'm embarrassed.

Cinco. Who is my favorite as of now? Glad you asked. Did anyone else IMMEDIATELY notice that William looks EXACTLY like a younger Josh Lucas...the guy from Sweet Home Alabama and loads of other things? I had to do a triple take. check it...

Twins. Talk about a Doppelgang. Anyway he's my fave right now. I don't give my official picks until after the second episode. I take this very seriously. And I won last season with my pick of Emily so I have a championship to defend.

AND 6th and FINALLY. Usually the brood of potential daters includes a ton of people from Texas. have you noticed? BUT this go-around the majority of men are from New York so I feel awkward. It's a different breed of peeps. And I don't know how I feel but I might like the change. The verdict is still out.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We ♥ Lucy

Since everyone was in town for the birthdays and I was hosting I decided we have to throw LULU a big birthday party to bring her into her terrific twos! So Kimmie and I teamed up, turned our party planner mode on and created an adorable Minnie Mouse party for our favorite lil Ludy Toody 2 year old. Everything turned out fantast and we just had the best time with an awesome group of 23 wonderful people... and Lucy loved every minute. success!

First half was the swimming half. It was gorgeous outside and everyone had fun throwing the football and swimming with the kiddos. Then we moved the party inside the clubhouse for food, games, coloring contest, cake and gifts. ♥

{how adorb is Luli with her tiny sunglasses and her uncle Chris?}

{the boys of course had to bust out the football for some water games}

{setting up and getting ready to move everyone into the clubhouse}

{the Minnie Mouse dessert table}

{Lucy's favorite thing in the world is candy and sweets. so as far as she is concerned this whole table is all for her!}

{those cone things are filled with cotton candy. And see that cake with the ears? yeah...that will be destroyed later...}

{Mexi food}

{let the coloring contest begin}

{she just carried that bucket of MMs around with her everywhere she went}

{tons of gifts, sugar and love from all her guests. awwwww how tweet}

{and then this happened. AFTER we had sung and she blew out the '2' it's all good. Hahaha...I love how you can see one of the mouse ears sticking out the bottom. poor minnie}

Happy Birthday to Lil juicy Lucy Bug. Love you so so much!

THE weekend

Ayeeee cha cha!!! We had one of the greatest weekends this past lil weekly. May 15th is a big fat exciting day in our family. My niece Lucy AND my sister Kimmie's birthday was upon us and we wanted to celebrate BIG {and my MIL has the same Bday but she was not present at this time but Happy Birthday to you anyway ;)} So Kimmie came in from San Diego, Mom & Scott came in from Washington, Dad & Lisa came in from Utah and Christie & Daniel came in from Texas...they actually moved here just for the occasion. Hahaha...obvi not. But Daniel got here with the moving truck last week so they are officially moved in to the great land of Palms and Sun and MEE...aka Arizona. Yesssh!

Since ya can't really have a combined party for a 2 year old and a 28 year old {put your Minnie Mouse ears on lil Kimmie} we gave each girl their own day. Friday just us girls went out for Kimmie's day. Outta all the delish places in the world to stuff our selves silly KizKat chose Panda Express. the tummy wants what it wants. And it was perfection. Then we headed to downtown Tempe to go to The Big Bang piano bar. Dueling pianos. Very cool and fun with the mom and sisters. They knew every song in the world. Just request it and they play and sing and do their thang.

So I walked up with my dollar bills and my request written on my napkin. Simple request: shout out to Kimmie for her birthday and play ANY 'NSYNC song. So the guy says "this is kinda awkward but I THINK I know ONE 'Nsync song we can play...this is for Kimmie". ONE 'nsync song! You know all the songs in the world and can play any with a simple mention but you only know one 'nsync song out of all the amazing classics? yes they are classics. I will defend 'Nsync all day long. So they played Bye Bye Bye and sang half of the wrong words. But it was still amaze. And we danced and drank our strawberry daiquiris and had a beautiful time. I almost got in a fight with the door guy who wouldn't let me take my diet coke with me when we left and we watched lil 5 year old hip hop dancers dancing on Mill Ave. just fun and fab and we all love each other.

Saturday was Lucy's celebration day....which needs a post all on its own. Then Sunday we did Kimmie's congo bar cake and presents. Happy Birthday to KizKat. move here. one love.

{summery Mombo, Birthday KizKat, Pregnant Kiki and stinky ol' me.}

{HA it's your Birthday!!!! ps. how giant is my head for my body? very gi}

{go ya birday}

{US with Dad & Lisa}

{US with Mom & Scott}

We missed you ScottPot and Kake. move here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How we RoLL

I have recently been taught a rather important life lesson....or maybe just a fun fact...if you will. And that lesson fact is: that you have NOT really experienced Las Vegas until you have experienced it in a group of 9 hilarious, fun, crazy awesome, pretty, adventurous 20-something year old girls. you just haven't...I promise you. I have been to Vegas many a time. But last weekend I went with a group of my girlfriends from my Texas high school years for a double bachelorette party and it was unlike anything I have ever an 'I like getting treated like a VIP and being on a girl's night out every night' kinda way!

Colette was one of my best friends in high school. So many good memories with that girl. She is quite literally one of the funniest people I have ever met and I just love being around her. Last time I saw her was when she came up for my wedding in Portland 2 1/2 years ago!!! {waaay too long} And now she is the one getting married!! SO happy for Cobra. AND Valerie.

So anyway...Vegas...uh-mazing. We did everything. Had a lot of laughs, met some crazy peoples and got SO many unbelievable hookups. So unbelievable you can't believe it. I'm talkin fancy dinners, VIP booths, limo rides, pool cabanas...i mean unlimited entertainment....and all food and drinks... All free free FREEEE! It pays to be ladies. It surely does.

Our sweet decorated rooms. Beautiful rooms with an awesome view in the heart of the strip. Haley and I got there before everyone we learned to play craps and won $5 on the slots. Yesss! Lucky start.

On the way to the Tao Beach pool. Posin in front of our hotel...TI.

Lunchin in the Venetian. Our matching Bachelorette shirts. {They say "That's how we roll...Vegas May 2011". Get it. dice. vegas. ya they're awesome.}

Second night. Dinner at Eva Longoria's restaurant Beso.

About to get our dance on at Marquee in the Cosmopolitan. 'Cept I couldn't do much dancing with intense blisters on my feet from the first night. Still fun..and wild and crazy. Our booth had a unicorn lady and there was a British looking guard...and some neon ballerinas with red Mohawks...interesting place with house music... and we loved it. Plus we saw Nicky Hilton there so I got to check off my 'see a celebrity' goal for the weekend.

Saturday day we went to the pool at MGM...where the big Paquio v. Mosley fight was happening. So it was packed. But the pool was SO much fun. We got invited up to the lil private pools overlooking the main pools and we danced our booties off and had the greatest time just laughing and carrying on as we tend to do.

We stayed at the pool til they kindly kicked us the heck outta there. Wet republic = radical.

Chris Brown the limo driver took us to dinner, a show and then the Hard Rock to wrap up the night... and our trip. We were all tired and dehydrated and delirious and still ready to have a good time. And 'twas.

All in black and the brides in white. Love you girls. Can't wait til next time.

Jessie, Haley, Meghan, Alyson, Bonnie, Moi, Carla,
Colette & Valerie!

our new TOY-ota.

I have a million plus one things to update on. Drivin me crazy. So about 3 weeks ago...We bought a new car!!!! An adorable spicy lil Toyota Corolla S. We love him. Perfect for us. Greatest gas mileage I've ever experienced. And the AC blasts freezing cold air the moment you turn it on. Perfect for AZ. Plus Lucy loves when we drive with the sunroof open. And gets mad when we close it. So its just a fun and pleasant driving experience all around. Good choice if I do say so myself. and here he is...
Now for the name. Three weeks in our family and the poor auto has no name. Reason being...the Mr. and I have come to an agreement that 'when' slash 'if' {I say when, he says if. rude} the Mavericks make it to the finals we get to name the car...wait for it... the MavMobile. Mav for short. Which is the most wonderful name my ears have ever beheld. And it only makes sense since our other car Mystique has a Boston Celtics plate holder and our last car was named Car-Mellow. AND even our friggin Dog was named after an athlete that he likes. So its my... turn thank you muchly.

In other news: it is such a great time to be a Mavs fan. I am already getting anxiety in my chest from my bundle of nerves that has been growing all day for the game tonight. But I'm wearing my lucky jersey even as I type this so never fear Mavs fans. DIRKDIRKDIRKDIRKDIRK!!!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It has begun...

I have not blogged in forev. And my Aunt Kailyn let me know that I need to. So I am. I have been majorly busy because my 'best ever most special delivery in all the world' arrived from Texas and it's taking up all my time. And I absolutely love it. Half of the delivery looks like this...
My favorite {and only} niece Lucy Lott!!!! The other half was my favorite oldest sister Christie and my second niece who is currently dwelling in her tummy. The Lotts are moving here to AZ just to be by meeeeeeee...or us... {and maybe possibly some other reasons}. We have been having so much fun since they are staying with us until they find a place. So I have been happily busy looking for houses, playing ring around the rosie, going "out-tide" to look at the "tee", refereeing Hooshie and Lu's playtimes and doing a lot of this...

My favorite thing in the world! the lil lu-bug. I love Lucy and Christie and Daniel. so much. I'm so happy! My brilliant plan of getting every single member of my family and my in-law family to move to Arizona has begun! Muahahaha.