Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feather fad in my ears

Something I don't necessarily adore about myself is that I am a total sucker for fads. Maybe not total but I do give in once in a blue moon {aka..whenever a new fad comes out}. I don't know how the trendsetters do it {i gotta sign up to be one of those}. Something starts getting popular and suddenly that is everyone's favorite thing...except they didn't realize that it's their favorite thing BECAUSE it's everywhere. For examp: extreme ripped jeans, WWJD bracelets, the Avril Lavigne tie thing, trucker hats, flare jeans...etcetcetc. There's millions. But we gotta love em...they make the world go round.

So a fad right now is feathers. And I think of Indians whenever I see them. That or hippies...sometimes birds. But I a true follower....think they're cool and cute and fun. Hence the earrings....

Try a fad today...what should we bring back....POGS?!?!

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