Sunday, May 29, 2011

laundry piles

I'm a mean and rude pupper mother. Each and every single time I pull fresh laundry out of the dryer I drop the pile on the living room floor {so I can watch my DVR'ed Ellens while folding..obvi}. And every time I drop it on the floor lil poopie pooshie comes running out of the limberlost to lay on the plump pile for an afternoon nappy. And every time he approaches the pile he carefully reviews the newly cleaned items for his favorite "Icouldtakeanaponthat" piece and then plops right on down and settles in for life. And that's where I step in and pull it right out from under him and fold it acting like I didn't notice the clothing was occupied. Hahahahahaha...{no one is laughing with me...}. Then he stares at me for 10 seconds like "what the hello are you doing you human". He then seeks out his second favorite swatch until I promptly steal that one and it goes in the folded pile. And so on and so forth.

The mean and rudely part is that I leave the teenie tiniest item for very last because I think it is the most hilarious thing of my afternoon {even more hilar than ellen} to see him try to get comft on an uncomft tiny item. He just wants to be on something so badly that he tries to curl up and get his 8 pound body all comfy on something way smaller than him.... like a puma sock or a miniature makeup-stained washcloth or occasionally one of my cloth headbands that I am washing because Hooshie previously had gotten ahold of it and I didn't want to put something in my hair that now has a dollop of dog slobber germs on it. I guess I still come in last place because even though I got my amusement...I end up with my all my clean laundry items having doggie "I-probably-just-rolled-in-the-dog-pee-filled-grass-outside" hair germs on them. I always lose. At least I get a laugh. Worth it.

Poor yittle yoy. Has no idear what's comin for him....even though he should because I most likely did it a couple days before. Learn from experiences little'll thank me once you meet the bullies in high school and you've already been toughened up.

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  1. I was totally laughing with you, Kobe does the same thing except he rolls all over it first then lays down... and hooshers head looks tiny in that pic!


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