Monday, May 23, 2011

New Bach-ette!

I had a bad weekend. Bad. But Monday night has fully made up for it. Fully. The MAVS made the greatest fourth quarter comeback and my boy Dirk just continues to prove himself. THEN we kicked back with some Salt & Vinegar chips {best things to ever happen to the world btw} to watch the new season of the Bachelorette. Yes it was lots of TV time. And it was just what we needed.

I get extremely into the Bachelorette. Who doesn't love to analyze relationships and get entertainment from their awkwardness? I know I surely do. So let me just say that I was puh-ritty disappointed when I found out it was Ashley from last season. After watching tonight she still bugs and she reminds me of a chatty lil fieldmouse but I will prob still find enjoyment in viewing the dating happenings. no biggie lil your thing.

Here are my first night notes and totes:

First. Was it just me or did I see three of the same guy get out of the limos? And all three of those guys happened to look like Josh Groban. How many Josh Grobans can you have in one season. The answer is three apparently. And yes I am only saying they look alike because they all had longish hair. I have no real reasons to back me up.

B. I was so excited and couldn't wait to see Ash's reaction to meeting Bentley {the 'wrong reasons' guy} and it total let me down. Slap the guy or make him feel like an idiot with your words. Don't just give a lil side smirk saying 'I am disappointed in you Mr'. failed reaction fieldmouse.

Tres. Call me cheeselover but I thought the pink dental floss ring was clever and practically perfect in every way. Just cute. But I can't even remember what guy did that so I guess it didn't work like it was supposed to.

4th. Mr. Masky Masquerade. If you're gonna wear a mask then make it a mysterious sexy one. Like from the phantom of the opera. Not a big clunky one with designs on it. I'm embarrassed.

Cinco. Who is my favorite as of now? Glad you asked. Did anyone else IMMEDIATELY notice that William looks EXACTLY like a younger Josh Lucas...the guy from Sweet Home Alabama and loads of other things? I had to do a triple take. check it...

Twins. Talk about a Doppelgang. Anyway he's my fave right now. I don't give my official picks until after the second episode. I take this very seriously. And I won last season with my pick of Emily so I have a championship to defend.

AND 6th and FINALLY. Usually the brood of potential daters includes a ton of people from Texas. have you noticed? BUT this go-around the majority of men are from New York so I feel awkward. It's a different breed of peeps. And I don't know how I feel but I might like the change. The verdict is still out.


  1. Kelly HesselgesserMay 24, 2011 at 7:18 AM

    SOOO much alike. I recorded it and I am going to watch it today :)

  2. LOL 3 josh grobans! i thought the same thing! william is adorable. i also like JP!! and bentley is a douche.

  3. i wasnt gonna watch this season.... but now i want to!!!! i never liked ashley! but the drama and the details might b worth it! thx for the motivation!

  4. haha I laughed when you talked about the mask...I wanna know what his face looks like!!! I have a feeling it will be a lame-looking face...but it's not about the face, it's the heart right? ;) haha


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