Tuesday, May 17, 2011

our new TOY-ota.

I have a million plus one things to update on. Drivin me crazy. So about 3 weeks ago...We bought a new car!!!! An adorable spicy lil Toyota Corolla S. We love him. Perfect for us. Greatest gas mileage I've ever experienced. And the AC blasts freezing cold air the moment you turn it on. Perfect for AZ. Plus Lucy loves when we drive with the sunroof open. And gets mad when we close it. So its just a fun and pleasant driving experience all around. Good choice if I do say so myself. and here he is...
Now for the name. Three weeks in our family and the poor auto has no name. Reason being...the Mr. and I have come to an agreement that 'when' slash 'if' {I say when, he says if. rude} the Mavericks make it to the finals we get to name the car...wait for it... the MavMobile. Mav for short. Which is the most wonderful name my ears have ever beheld. And it only makes sense since our other car Mystique has a Boston Celtics plate holder and our last car was named Car-Mellow. AND even our friggin Dog was named after an athlete that he likes. So its my... turn thank you muchly.

In other news: it is such a great time to be a Mavs fan. I am already getting anxiety in my chest from my bundle of nerves that has been growing all day for the game tonight. But I'm wearing my lucky jersey even as I type this so never fear Mavs fans. DIRKDIRKDIRKDIRKDIRK!!!!!!

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  1. I LOVE Corollas! They are so much fun and you cannot go wrong with a Toyota!


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