Monday, May 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

This past weekend we flew over to good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma for the royal wedding of my best Colette to her love {Dr.}Erik Martin. It was royal because it was beautiful and luscious and perfect. And because it took place in a huge and gorgeous backyard. And because I teared up watching all my beautiful friends walk down the aisle. And because the food was deliciously fit for a Queen {mini pork sammies and crab cakes were the faves}. And because Colette's fun relatives, with accents that sound like Rihanna {jeal}, wore adorable stylish hats much better than the fug ones at the legit royal wedding. And because they had adorable details down to the love note tree, to the folding fans for the ladies to be cool waiting outside for the ceremony, to the cakeinabox party favors. And because the dance floor was filled with tipsy slash drunk guests doing the stanky leg. hahaha. And because I totally predicted that someone would end up in the amazing infinity pool by the end of the night and sure enough the bride's bro came walking into the hotel soaking wet with his pant legs rolled up and a huge smile on his face! And because I love everyone from Texas and Oklahoma because they're just the best and most fun people...and I miss them all.

I think this turned from why it was royal to why I loved being there. perfect. But it really was royal. And I really did love being there. So it's fitting.

And to add...I loved that Chris got to meet all my favorite friends that he's never met and that I haven't seen in years....and I got to meet their husbands and boyfriends. And I got to see members of my BF's families that I consider my second families growing up {hi Sylvia...i love that you read my blog!}. SO MUCH LOVE.

We had never been to Tulsa and the city in itself was...humid and interesting and Oklahoman. And it did the least pleasant thing to my hair. But we had an awesome 24 hours in that place. Happy life to you Colette and Erik!

Just lovely.

Cake and toasting and love.

I would never-in-a-mil post this pic if it wasn't the only one I got of me and the royal bride...but it deal with that hair. It was curled hours before. pitiful next to the radiant beaut.

happily hayes.

Stanky leg dancin. Yesss! I can't get over it. Best ever.

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