Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We ♥ Lucy

Since everyone was in town for the birthdays and I was hosting I decided we have to throw LULU a big birthday party to bring her into her terrific twos! So Kimmie and I teamed up, turned our party planner mode on and created an adorable Minnie Mouse party for our favorite lil Ludy Toody 2 year old. Everything turned out fantast and we just had the best time with an awesome group of 23 wonderful people... and Lucy loved every minute. success!

First half was the swimming half. It was gorgeous outside and everyone had fun throwing the football and swimming with the kiddos. Then we moved the party inside the clubhouse for food, games, coloring contest, cake and gifts. ♥

{how adorb is Luli with her tiny sunglasses and her uncle Chris?}

{the boys of course had to bust out the football for some water games}

{setting up and getting ready to move everyone into the clubhouse}

{the Minnie Mouse dessert table}

{Lucy's favorite thing in the world is candy and sweets. so as far as she is concerned this whole table is all for her!}

{those cone things are filled with cotton candy. And see that cake with the ears? yeah...that will be destroyed later...}

{Mexi food}

{let the coloring contest begin}

{she just carried that bucket of MMs around with her everywhere she went}

{tons of gifts, sugar and love from all her guests. awwwww how tweet}

{and then this happened. AFTER we had sung and she blew out the '2' it's all good. Hahaha...I love how you can see one of the mouse ears sticking out the bottom. poor minnie}

Happy Birthday to Lil juicy Lucy Bug. Love you so so much!

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  1. First of all... Chris looks Thor massive in that second pic... second of all... LOVE IT! So precious and fun... feel free to hire us if you want a themed party!


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