Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE weekend

Ayeeee cha cha!!! We had one of the greatest weekends this past lil weekly. May 15th is a big fat exciting day in our family. My niece Lucy AND my sister Kimmie's birthday was upon us and we wanted to celebrate BIG {and my MIL has the same Bday but she was not present at this time but Happy Birthday to you anyway ;)} So Kimmie came in from San Diego, Mom & Scott came in from Washington, Dad & Lisa came in from Utah and Christie & Daniel came in from Texas...they actually moved here just for the occasion. Hahaha...obvi not. But Daniel got here with the moving truck last week so they are officially moved in to the great land of Palms and Sun and MEE...aka Arizona. Yesssh!

Since ya can't really have a combined party for a 2 year old and a 28 year old {put your Minnie Mouse ears on lil Kimmie} we gave each girl their own day. Friday just us girls went out for Kimmie's day. Outta all the delish places in the world to stuff our selves silly KizKat chose Panda Express. the tummy wants what it wants. And it was perfection. Then we headed to downtown Tempe to go to The Big Bang piano bar. Dueling pianos. Very cool and fun with the mom and sisters. They knew every song in the world. Just request it and they play and sing and do their thang.

So I walked up with my dollar bills and my request written on my napkin. Simple request: shout out to Kimmie for her birthday and play ANY 'NSYNC song. So the guy says "this is kinda awkward but I THINK I know ONE 'Nsync song we can play...this is for Kimmie". ONE 'nsync song! You know all the songs in the world and can play any with a simple mention but you only know one 'nsync song out of all the amazing classics? yes they are classics. I will defend 'Nsync all day long. So they played Bye Bye Bye and sang half of the wrong words. But it was still amaze. And we danced and drank our strawberry daiquiris and had a beautiful time. I almost got in a fight with the door guy who wouldn't let me take my diet coke with me when we left and we watched lil 5 year old hip hop dancers dancing on Mill Ave. just fun and fab and we all love each other.

Saturday was Lucy's celebration day....which needs a post all on its own. Then Sunday we did Kimmie's congo bar cake and presents. Happy Birthday to KizKat. move here. one love.

{summery Mombo, Birthday KizKat, Pregnant Kiki and stinky ol' me.}

{HA it's your Birthday!!!! ps. how giant is my head for my body? very gi}

{go ya birday}

{US with Dad & Lisa}

{US with Mom & Scott}

We missed you ScottPot and Kake. move here.


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