Monday, June 27, 2011

2 fave things: mail & albie's cookies

As I previously mentioned I brilliantly filled out my NBA bracket this year and won the whole dang dong sha-blong {aka family bracket competition}. Which means I beat out at least 6 people...i don't know how many of those humans filled one out. Kimmie was hosting the competition so I figured I wouldn't get anything for it. hahahahahahaha j.kidd-ing butt pie. that would be dad ;).

But look what came in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

I feel like a REAL LIVE WINNER!! I don't think I've won anything before {besides all those poster contests in elementary school...because I was the only nerd that entered}

So perf!!! A gift card to my favorite store inside a MAVS card. It's almost too good to accept. Almost. I feel jubilant! Ohhhh I so appreciate a just-for-fun prize and a creative sister {she made that card herself you know}.

The next hi light of my weekend came on Sat. We went out on Friday night so Saturday night we built the perfect at-home evening with a Redbox, rooster boosters and Albertsons cookies. Classy I know. The magic was what was inside that small, purple 'iholdyourhappiness' Albertson's cookie bag {we're obsessed with Alb's choco chip cooks just fyi}. We opened it up to experience the absolutely most unbelievably perfect & magically delicious NAY uber-scrumptiously delectable cookies ever to be eaten by man and womankind alike. I mean...those mugs were fresh. Melt in your mouth....I...can't.....explain...

Upon eating his second cookie Chris even said "these are so good you have to blog about them". Hahahahahaha! Like for some reason his daily goal is to find something for me to blog about. I was all "what am I gonna say....we ate a whole bag of really good albertson's cookies?" And here I am saying just that. I don't know how to thank those cookies...i know that they deserve more than a blog mention. And we'll just leave it at that.

Mail and cookies...i love you. and Target...i'm going to visit you now. cheers.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I don't think I can stand to have white walls all over the house. In fact I def know that I can't. Even now, at this moment, it's making me cringe just thinking bout the hospital-ness of it. So when we moved into Jaspa we had to imme-jit-ly jump onto the living room walls as fast as we could {with paint obvi} so we could mount the TV on the wall. I freaked out stressed out about the decision {i don't make decisions}. Mostly because I would hate myself if I went with the safe beige or something that would go with everything. I don't like 'safe' myself. I like bold and modern with a touch of creative and pleasant...something that excites the eye...if you will. A little bit of color but not cheesy. So.....I decide on purple. HA! Not purple purple...that would be way too Barney the dino.

So I scoured the www to find a picture for inspiration. I did. And decided on a manly purple..if you will. Took a risky leap on a purple shade that I knew had to go perfectly with my tan/brown furniture. A version of eggplant. A Martha Stewart version..if you will. And....

it dried to perfection!!! I slash we love it. We love it all over again every time we walk into the room. It's like waking up and walking into the smell of 45 minute old fresh zucchini bread {i don't like it too hot...45 mins is perfect...try it}.

So...that's just one room down. I'm already bored of the work that goes into it. Once we had purp'ed out the walls we scurried over to IKEA IKEA to snatch a shelf I had previously set my sights on. Bold and beautiful. The ideal companion for this plain manly eggplant wall....

We put our movies on that mug. But they don't fit so I'm thinking of changing them out for books. Hahaha. sad that we have more movies than books? Just kidding. Actually I'm not sure that I am. But I do know that those fatty books would not fit. The Twilights and Work&Glories alone would fill that guy up. I just might have to buy another....we'll see. and onto the bedroom!!!

The first at our door...

There's not too much better than finding a big fat mouthwatering package on your barren doorstep. Except maybe finding a big fat mouthwatering package on your barren doorstep and opening it up to discover all personalized adorable 'i-wanna-squeal-with-delight-and-giddiness-at-the-watermelon-tissues' THEMED items. The absolute best! And by all that I obvi mean to say that we received our first ever package at our new house! Delivered right to the door instead of having to pick it up at a stinky apartment office. Even though we're going to be in Washington with our H family for the 4th of July my MIL said she had already been collecting all the little goody gumdrops so she was sending one anyway. & we didn't mind at all...not at all.

Isn't it just a picnic?.....

Thank you once again MIL. Always promoting peace, love and packages!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Giorgio...

Here she is! This little beaut is our first house together in life. Don't you just love her? Her name is Jaspa. And don't you just love how in Arizona we don't just have any ol' average friendly looking green shrubbery in the yard but just straight up bad-A huge cactuses {cacti?}? Hahaha. I know I do. That cactus guy right in the front there is named Giorgio..and he is now a part of our family. He's the first to greet us when we get home so it only makes sense.

So we're not exactly home owners but we're at least house-livers. And so far the life of house-livers is a perfectly pleasant one. I now practically live at the Home Depot and IKEA {and by that I obvi mean I've been to each like three times...}. And I spend all my free time decorating {or planning my decor} room by roomba. And besides Giorgio my fave things so far are... the backyard where i can just let the lil pooper scooper out to do his biz and I don't have to put him on his annoy leash and take him down the never-ending apartment stairs and stand there awkwardly waiting for him {in my pjs} to complete his potty time. Plus there's a covered patio out there where Luli and I can play to our lil hearts desire. Then there's the glorious garage where we can store all our storage stuff and park both cars and they aren't scalding hot from sitting in the sun. Imagine that. Ahh the small things in life.

Fine...I'll post pictures on the blog of my craft projects and decorated rooms as they come along. You're welcome. Love you. Come visit Giorgio.

Monday, June 20, 2011

my MAVS dedication

JUNE 12th, 2011. Amaze. The best thing that's ever happened in sports or in the history of the world. The DALLAS MAVERICKS become the NBA champions!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I feel so alive. I can't describe. I literally cried like 4 times that night. Not lying. We were still in the car driving home from St. George when the game started. And for the first time EVER I allowed sports radio to be turned on {i HATE listening to sports when there's nothing to look at. I think it's stupid}. But I obvi had to hear what was happening with my boys. At one point Chris asked me how I was feeling and I told him I felt like I was bout to scream , throw-up, cry and maybe pee my pants all at the same time. I think maybe I even thought I was actually playing in the game...I can't be sure.

But we got home and watched my team BEAT THE HEAT and I was so happy for the guys. Just SO HAPPY for the most deserving team. No one thought they would even make it past the first round. Everyone was calling them as the first upset. Except me who filled out my family bracket before the season and had the Mavs vs. Heat in the finals with the Mavs winning. Yeah I'm smart and loyal...and psychic. And I obvi won the family bracket challenge.

I need to make the point that the Heat never gave up. They did not voluntarily GIVE UP the title. They were beaten down by the HEART of the Mavericks team. preach it. happy happy happy. Other things that made me happy that night:
  • I love how I literally de-friended 6 people on facebook that night because of their annoy comments in favor of the Heat. Hahahaha...I'm like a 12 year old. And I love it. Made me feel empowered.

  • I love how I got so many texts and FB posts congratulating me on the Mavs win. That's a good friend right there...knows you so well that they know your fave sports team win feels like it was your own personal victory.

  • I love how Dirk had to leave the court with 1 second left because he was emotionally overwhelmed. Even a 7 foot German MVP can get emotional. Awwww.

  • I love that all the Heat bandwagoners had to eat their words {and not to mention all the trailblazers, lakers and thunder fans.hahaha.}

  • I love how C, H and I all celebrated as a lil family. I waved my Mavs blanket through the air like a flag and we all ran around in circles cheering {Hooshie barking obv}

  • I love how Mark Cuban the owner spent $110,000 on a giant bottle of champagne for the celebration. $110K for a billionaire like him is like what .00001 cent is to me. Gimme some of that ya billi.

  • I love that we got to finally name our car. KIDD: The MAV Mobile. "Hey let's drive the Kidd to the movies." Hahaha. Love.

  • I love how I got way too excited and accidentally spent an undisclosed amount at the Mavs gear online store. What else am I supposed to do after I have screamed my lungs out and watched the hilights twice?

  • I love this moment...

Until next season. I love you Mavs.

Golf is on... so I'm blogging

I have been neglecting blogface because we have had a bit of a busy month of June. First weekend we moved into our house. Second weekend we were outta town for the Conner family reunion in Utah. Third weekend Chris was outta town near Vegas for work so I tried to not be home as much as poss and overstayed my welcome at my sister's, spent hours at IKEA and had a sleepover at Mel's house. I can't be home alone because I get scared no matter what. Can nooooot handle the dreadful silence and the scary movie scenes running throughout my mangled mind.

I have been awful at taking pictures and at being organized. all out of sorts. Just not myself at all. Nothing a couple of good home cooked meals can't fix. Soooo....who's comin to my home to cook the meals? Hahahaha. Kid. All I'm doing the next couple of weeks is decorating the house {i'm obsessed!}, working and hanging out with my boo and my hoo. So much to look forward to the next half of the year! Yee haw!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

the playoffs

There is just NOTHING like watching the team you have been rooting for not only all season but your entire life not only sweep the overrated Lakers in the second round then later make it to the finals but slap all the cocky Heat players in the face and make one of the most incredible comebacks in playoffs history. Amaze. Great basketball. So there are 3 points to this post...

1. I need to calmly highlight the huge fact that Chris Bosh CANNOT guard Dirk. Good...glad I made the most obvious thing in the world known....makes me happy. And also...Bosh is so fugly I want to puke every time I see him. And I've always thought he looks just like a raptor with his long neck so he should've stayed on that team.

Hahahaha. See the Rap...Hahahaha!

2. We haven't named our car yet. And the Mavs obvi made it to the finals so I win {love when that happens} and we get to name our Corolla after a Mav. But we can't agree. So I need you peeps reading to please VOTE right over there to the left. And vote for the one I want. kthanks.

3. I am feeling high. After the game I ran around in a circle cheering for about 5 mins with Hooshie barking at my heels...then I ate a whole bag of popcorn. I need to I'm going to lay in bed wearing my Mavs PJ pants, cuddled in my Mavs blanket and watch the Mavs highlights...eating some Mavs ice cream...which is Cookies and Cream...because it's the best ;)