Monday, June 27, 2011

2 fave things: mail & albie's cookies

As I previously mentioned I brilliantly filled out my NBA bracket this year and won the whole dang dong sha-blong {aka family bracket competition}. Which means I beat out at least 6 people...i don't know how many of those humans filled one out. Kimmie was hosting the competition so I figured I wouldn't get anything for it. hahahahahahaha j.kidd-ing butt pie. that would be dad ;).

But look what came in the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

I feel like a REAL LIVE WINNER!! I don't think I've won anything before {besides all those poster contests in elementary school...because I was the only nerd that entered}

So perf!!! A gift card to my favorite store inside a MAVS card. It's almost too good to accept. Almost. I feel jubilant! Ohhhh I so appreciate a just-for-fun prize and a creative sister {she made that card herself you know}.

The next hi light of my weekend came on Sat. We went out on Friday night so Saturday night we built the perfect at-home evening with a Redbox, rooster boosters and Albertsons cookies. Classy I know. The magic was what was inside that small, purple 'iholdyourhappiness' Albertson's cookie bag {we're obsessed with Alb's choco chip cooks just fyi}. We opened it up to experience the absolutely most unbelievably perfect & magically delicious NAY uber-scrumptiously delectable cookies ever to be eaten by man and womankind alike. I mean...those mugs were fresh. Melt in your mouth....I...can't.....explain...

Upon eating his second cookie Chris even said "these are so good you have to blog about them". Hahahahahaha! Like for some reason his daily goal is to find something for me to blog about. I was all "what am I gonna say....we ate a whole bag of really good albertson's cookies?" And here I am saying just that. I don't know how to thank those cookies...i know that they deserve more than a blog mention. And we'll just leave it at that.

Mail and cookies...i love you. and Target...i'm going to visit you now. cheers.


  1. I LOVE those mugs! THE BEST EVER! and also congrats and thank you for caring about my contest... you are the ONLY Conner that has ever recieved a prize for winning the bracket, even though I won the last 2 years in a row... TYVM!

  2. I'm going to have to try those cookies! I like this because Hans does the whole "you should blog about this" business and I think it is so funny! P.s. Thanks for telling me about that nanny site... that's where I got my job :) Hope you are doing well. Hope to see you sometime soon!


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