Sunday, June 26, 2011


I don't think I can stand to have white walls all over the house. In fact I def know that I can't. Even now, at this moment, it's making me cringe just thinking bout the hospital-ness of it. So when we moved into Jaspa we had to imme-jit-ly jump onto the living room walls as fast as we could {with paint obvi} so we could mount the TV on the wall. I freaked out stressed out about the decision {i don't make decisions}. Mostly because I would hate myself if I went with the safe beige or something that would go with everything. I don't like 'safe' myself. I like bold and modern with a touch of creative and pleasant...something that excites the eye...if you will. A little bit of color but not cheesy. So.....I decide on purple. HA! Not purple purple...that would be way too Barney the dino.

So I scoured the www to find a picture for inspiration. I did. And decided on a manly purple..if you will. Took a risky leap on a purple shade that I knew had to go perfectly with my tan/brown furniture. A version of eggplant. A Martha Stewart version..if you will. And....

it dried to perfection!!! I slash we love it. We love it all over again every time we walk into the room. It's like waking up and walking into the smell of 45 minute old fresh zucchini bread {i don't like it too hot...45 mins is perfect...try it}.

So...that's just one room down. I'm already bored of the work that goes into it. Once we had purp'ed out the walls we scurried over to IKEA IKEA to snatch a shelf I had previously set my sights on. Bold and beautiful. The ideal companion for this plain manly eggplant wall....

We put our movies on that mug. But they don't fit so I'm thinking of changing them out for books. Hahaha. sad that we have more movies than books? Just kidding. Actually I'm not sure that I am. But I do know that those fatty books would not fit. The Twilights and Work&Glories alone would fill that guy up. I just might have to buy another....we'll see. and onto the bedroom!!!

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  1. Im in love and its perfect and it fits the look I was imagining perfectly and I love it and I cant wait to see it in 4 days and I wish you were going to be there to see my reaction when I see it in person for the first time and maybe I will just take a video of the dogs running around like crazy and me jumping up and down with the love of the wall color... something to think about...


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