Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meet Giorgio...

Here she is! This little beaut is our first house together in life. Don't you just love her? Her name is Jaspa. And don't you just love how in Arizona we don't just have any ol' average friendly looking green shrubbery in the yard but just straight up bad-A huge cactuses {cacti?}? Hahaha. I know I do. That cactus guy right in the front there is named Giorgio..and he is now a part of our family. He's the first to greet us when we get home so it only makes sense.

So we're not exactly home owners but we're at least house-livers. And so far the life of house-livers is a perfectly pleasant one. I now practically live at the Home Depot and IKEA {and by that I obvi mean I've been to each like three times...}. And I spend all my free time decorating {or planning my decor} room by roomba. And besides Giorgio my fave things so far are... the backyard where i can just let the lil pooper scooper out to do his biz and I don't have to put him on his annoy leash and take him down the never-ending apartment stairs and stand there awkwardly waiting for him {in my pjs} to complete his potty time. Plus there's a covered patio out there where Luli and I can play to our lil hearts desire. Then there's the glorious garage where we can store all our storage stuff and park both cars and they aren't scalding hot from sitting in the sun. Imagine that. Ahh the small things in life.

Fine...I'll post pictures on the blog of my craft projects and decorated rooms as they come along. You're welcome. Love you. Come visit Giorgio.


  1. I want to come visit you oh so soon! Especially now because pretty much all the connor/smith's are moving to Arizona!!!

  2. Yes! Ill will be there next week, you better have my room ready!


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