Monday, June 20, 2011

my MAVS dedication

JUNE 12th, 2011. Amaze. The best thing that's ever happened in sports or in the history of the world. The DALLAS MAVERICKS become the NBA champions!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I feel so alive. I can't describe. I literally cried like 4 times that night. Not lying. We were still in the car driving home from St. George when the game started. And for the first time EVER I allowed sports radio to be turned on {i HATE listening to sports when there's nothing to look at. I think it's stupid}. But I obvi had to hear what was happening with my boys. At one point Chris asked me how I was feeling and I told him I felt like I was bout to scream , throw-up, cry and maybe pee my pants all at the same time. I think maybe I even thought I was actually playing in the game...I can't be sure.

But we got home and watched my team BEAT THE HEAT and I was so happy for the guys. Just SO HAPPY for the most deserving team. No one thought they would even make it past the first round. Everyone was calling them as the first upset. Except me who filled out my family bracket before the season and had the Mavs vs. Heat in the finals with the Mavs winning. Yeah I'm smart and loyal...and psychic. And I obvi won the family bracket challenge.

I need to make the point that the Heat never gave up. They did not voluntarily GIVE UP the title. They were beaten down by the HEART of the Mavericks team. preach it. happy happy happy. Other things that made me happy that night:
  • I love how I literally de-friended 6 people on facebook that night because of their annoy comments in favor of the Heat. Hahahaha...I'm like a 12 year old. And I love it. Made me feel empowered.

  • I love how I got so many texts and FB posts congratulating me on the Mavs win. That's a good friend right there...knows you so well that they know your fave sports team win feels like it was your own personal victory.

  • I love how Dirk had to leave the court with 1 second left because he was emotionally overwhelmed. Even a 7 foot German MVP can get emotional. Awwww.

  • I love that all the Heat bandwagoners had to eat their words {and not to mention all the trailblazers, lakers and thunder fans.hahaha.}

  • I love how C, H and I all celebrated as a lil family. I waved my Mavs blanket through the air like a flag and we all ran around in circles cheering {Hooshie barking obv}

  • I love how Mark Cuban the owner spent $110,000 on a giant bottle of champagne for the celebration. $110K for a billionaire like him is like what .00001 cent is to me. Gimme some of that ya billi.

  • I love that we got to finally name our car. KIDD: The MAV Mobile. "Hey let's drive the Kidd to the movies." Hahaha. Love.

  • I love how I got way too excited and accidentally spent an undisclosed amount at the Mavs gear online store. What else am I supposed to do after I have screamed my lungs out and watched the hilights twice?

  • I love this moment...

Until next season. I love you Mavs.

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