Thursday, June 2, 2011

the playoffs

There is just NOTHING like watching the team you have been rooting for not only all season but your entire life not only sweep the overrated Lakers in the second round then later make it to the finals but slap all the cocky Heat players in the face and make one of the most incredible comebacks in playoffs history. Amaze. Great basketball. So there are 3 points to this post...

1. I need to calmly highlight the huge fact that Chris Bosh CANNOT guard Dirk. Good...glad I made the most obvious thing in the world known....makes me happy. And also...Bosh is so fugly I want to puke every time I see him. And I've always thought he looks just like a raptor with his long neck so he should've stayed on that team.

Hahahaha. See the Rap...Hahahaha!

2. We haven't named our car yet. And the Mavs obvi made it to the finals so I win {love when that happens} and we get to name our Corolla after a Mav. But we can't agree. So I need you peeps reading to please VOTE right over there to the left. And vote for the one I want. kthanks.

3. I am feeling high. After the game I ran around in a circle cheering for about 5 mins with Hooshie barking at my heels...then I ate a whole bag of popcorn. I need to I'm going to lay in bed wearing my Mavs PJ pants, cuddled in my Mavs blanket and watch the Mavs highlights...eating some Mavs ice cream...which is Cookies and Cream...because it's the best ;)


  1. I agreee on ALL counts... and I need some Mav pants, but I did cuddle in my mavs blanket last night, wearing my shirt, and wearing my lanyard... dont mess with Texas!

  2. It's so much fun watching your dad...he is into it! I think he needs some Mav's jammies. I think Chris Bosh looks like a meth addict because he's skinny and looks like he has no teeth with his black teeth guard in. Yuck! Love you guys! GO MAVS!

  3. you are so good at these posts you should replace that lady reporter at the end of the games with the dark roots, bad glasses and no style...go M


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