Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Blast.

Marysville is fantastic. It's the city that my in-laws live in in Washington. We flew on up there for fourth of July weekend to go through the temple with our sister Bethany {she's going on a Mish to Brazil!} and also got to celebrate Independence day with the Hayes family and other family friends. And the whole thing was just a big ol' blast. literally. get it?.....blast...like because of the fireworks. Hilar.

As usual we ate so well. something we look forward to every time. Those Hayes peeps...they know how to do it. Bahama Breeze in SeaTac right when we get there every time. Port of Subs. Maggianos in Bellevue after the temple {amaze italian. and best cheesecake ever in life.} Home cooked BBQ. Ribs and Steak for fourth of July. Muah..muah muah muah. We love to eat.

We had the BEST time. Absolutely. LAUGHED til my cheeks hurt {which was like the first 5 mins. because they are all just the funniest}. went through a beautiful session at the Seattle temple. visited the very interesting Boom city for fireworks. went to a perfect 4th of July party with gorgeous WA weather, cute kids, die-worthy food and profesh level fireworks. ahhh makin memories. We won't see Bethany for a year and a half so it was essential that we had this bonding time. And it was beautiful. And she is beautiful. Makin changes in the world. So proud and happy she is my/our sister.

{The whole family at the temple. how tender}

{That's my tough look. Pathetic i know. Shoulda just looked cute like Listy and Bethany.}
{love this. This is after we got home from the fourth party...it's sometime after midnight...shootin even more fireworks in the cel-de-sac..lightin up the whole neighborhood. and running away terrified. haha}

{the cute lil missionary/star of the weekend..and lil Murph...the fireworks were a traumatic experience for him...}

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